Friday, May 27, 2011


P/S : I've to blog often here becos i'm awarded with Nuffnang ads again.

Raeann is here with me in the office and she has been asking me to repeat the same few songs over & over again. OMG can! She's just like a broken jukebox cos she can sing a little of every songs. LOL

Went to her school today for meet-the-parents session, so far so good, teachers all gave very good feedbacks about her. As a parent, i'm proud of cos. She loves this school & said she wanted to attend this school again next year. I thought of changing it for her becos i'm afraid she can't stand the afternoon hot sun everyday as she needs to walk 20 mins to her school. But well, she kept telling me how much she loves this school, her teachers & friends and i'll be damn mean if i just change it for her without considering her feeling. What matter most is, she likes it and able to learn & adapt well! Rather than she don't like it and dread going to school everyday lor! Now, she will ask to go school if she's on MC or holiday for too long. I'm happy cos she knows that she can learn alot from school & not being forced to go. I hope she will stay the same when she goes to Primary School.

Also went for my monthly check-up this morning & i'm really thankful for the results. Gained a fatal 2.5kgs since last month, sigh! And i'm weighing 57kgs now. Even Raeann said i'm very fat and Bobo is very slim now. :( However, as long as baby's growing well, it's worth the gain!

I'll go on serious diet after birth becos i don't want to be fat. I think i look so bulky & clumsy right now at 57kgs! Give me another few kgs, i might look like a ball liao. Another 4 months to go, endure, endure, ENDURE!

P/S : LOL, people are like waiting for me to blog leh. After i posted this entry, the 'readers online' suddenly shot up from 1 to 13 wor. HAHAHAHA! Are you guys waiting for me to post some offensive posts? Exciting huh?

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  1. Ya, really waiting for u to blog here as I did not receive the invite to your new blog. =(


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