Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What motivates me to blog more?


Just received this email and i seriously don't know to be happy or sad. Thank you Mr Alvin Lim for your nomination, really appreciate it! :)

But i guess it gonna be another disappointment (for me), as i'm unable to attend any events now. I was just complaining to my mum that i don't know why, everytime something good will come when i'm pregnant, or when something good came, i got pregnant. WHY HAR? Fated?

I gave up quite a few opportunities becos of my family & kid. How many times i wish to do something for myself but i just don't have the chance to do so.

Nonetheless, i'm really happy enough to get nominated. At least, there are people who read & appreciate my blog, unlike some who LOVES to read & yet criticised everything i do. (Shit lah, just admit that you're jealous of me can! LOL)


  1. Because your baby bring you good luck ma. Why u dont want to participate ar? i will support u

  2. Hmm, becos i need to attend events and such as i was norminated for Adonis Best Beauty Blog, and i need to try their pdts/packages etc.

    Alot of things i can't do now becos of pregnancy like IPL, slimming, this and that mah...

  3. But can participate in the best blogger award ma.

  4. Ya, i entered in that category but i don't think it's so easy to enter anyway. Don't know how many people joining lor. LOL

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  6. Yoz join the event I will support u too:) hehehe..


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