Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yo, hello all!

It's been some time since i updated on this blog becos i shifted all my updates to my new private blog. Yes, i'm into diary now becos i'm so afraid of stalkers. I need not have to worry about provoking anyone when i update now, i need not have to worry anyone secretly reads my blog & copying everything i buy and yet deny that she still reads my blog. Like hello? Are u sure anot? LOL

Actually, i thought of closing/abandoning this blog already & i withdrew all my earnings out from Nuffnang yesterday. BUT, i suddenly got a Nuffnang ad last night. So, it's fated, asking me not to abandon it.

Then again, i don't know what to update here anymore. Becos this blog is read by so many people, it's not personal & private anymore. I don't want to write anymore personal stuffs here, lest people read & assume & anyhow tell my stories to people not related to me at all.

So sad but true. Some people have no life at all~


  1. Hi Joanne,
    I have yet to recieve ur invitation to ur new blog, hope u can add me. Thanks so much..
    my e-mail is:

    Ur silent reader

  2. hi..
    I rmb u mentioned will show us how u so ur nails..So when will u be free to teach..

  3., pls invite me ^^

  4. Hi Joanne,

    i am your another slient reader please add me at



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