Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hada Labo Retinol - One Drop Restores Youthful Bounciness

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For ultimate perfection and ultimate simplicity

Inspired by traditional Japanese beauty wisdom, Hada Labo adopts a "no more no less" philosophy in creating its products. Unnecessary additives, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil that will burden the skin are omitted. Only essential ingredients that are beneficial to the skin are retained to ensure maximum effectiveness - Only the best for your skin and nothing else...
Seriously, Hada Labo has been my favourite brand all this while! My first review was sponsored by them & i've been using their products since then. Affordable and good! Why not? =)

Today, i'm gonna introduce their latest Lifting + Firming Range to you people! Read on if you don't wish to miss out good stuffs!

Hada Labo's Lifting + Firming Range stays true to its PERFECT X SIMPLE brand philosophy ‐ using only the finest and purest ingredients without unnecessary additives, colorant, alcohol, fragrances and mineral oils. There are 5 products in the new range:


(1) Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Lotion : This toner evens skin texture with Retinol Vitamin A that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, collagen that improves skin elasticity for firmer and more lift in your skin, and Super Hyaluronic Acid that instantly locks in moisture for intense hydration!


(2) To give that youthful bounce on skin, take the extra step to gently pat on Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Essence. A powerful skin regenerating essence, it protects against skin-aging free radicals and improves skin elastin fibre content for that 'springy' feel.


(3) Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Milk : Smoothen and nourish the surface of your skin with its light and soft texture. Skin feels firmer, fuller and totally revitalized with this pH balanced milk!


(4) A must-have in all skin regimes, Hada Labo's latest Retinol Lifting + Firming Cream comes in a light, non-greasy texture that infuses the skin with continuous hydration. Used twice daily, feel the cream smoothen the skin surface by restoring the skin's natural barrier to prevent moisture loss.


(5) Lastly, seal the deal to ageless beauty with Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Mask. Enjoy the 10 to 15 minutes of facial relaxation. With deep nourishing ingredients, the mask works intensely to fix the skin using its concentrated formula to provide an energetic and renewal boost.


I was being sponsored a bottle of Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Lotion...

P/S : Even Raeann's bear (Chelsea) also very interested in it! LOL


It's for lifting & firming! OMG. Ladies at my age certainly need this!


Look at how concentrated it is...

P/S : Oops, sorry ah, this pic i took looks like sperm! LOL! But someone told me before, that sperm is very good for our skin de! Hahahahaha! Just kidding, i don't know, never try or research before!

You can try Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Lotion for FREE now. Redeem your sample here : or!

Here's the price list for all Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming range...


All products are available exclusively at Watsons store nationwide.

So affordable! So good! So what ya' waiting for?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everything is fated!

I've always believed in fate & destiny, every path we took, everything that happened seems to be planned accordingly, by god.

Like when i got pregnant, when is baby coming out & etc.

This current pregnancy was not planned (likewise for Raeann), i was shocked when i knew i was pregnant, i didn't tell anyone initially becos i didn't intend to keep it. My mum knew it by chance cos she saw the pregnancy test kit. I cried, becos everyone's forcing me to keep. I'm afraid, that i can't handle two, that history will repeat & etc. But well, it's again fated that i decided to keep.

And guess what? My baby edd was on 2nd Oct 2011 initially, but during the latest checkup, the edd changed to 22nd Sept, WHICH IS THE SAME AS RAEANN'S. But Raeann came out 10 days earlier than her edd, will this one be the same too? =)

P/S : Done the scanning of my baby's face, look 99% like Raeann lor! Pic up on my personal blog! =)

My mum was saying, if it's the same, it will be great! Cos this year 12/9 is lunar 15/8 which is the lantern festival. Whatever ba, leave it to fate! =)



Recently, Raeann is going insane over this duet group, Y2J aka 神木于瞳. Like if you want her to wear something or tie her hair, you just tell her it's 神木于瞳's hairstyle/clothes/etc & she will do it. BUT, she said she's the guy so she refused to wear skirt, as usual. And guess who is her partner, the lady? ZY lor!!! Hahaha! She said if we didn't call her 神木于瞳, she won't answer us! =.= I don't know how the hell she gotta know about this group becos never for once i played their song, or watched them on tv.

Then hor, my mum went to make fun of her and said she wants to be 神木于瞳 too. Guess her reply?


Hahaha, this "我跟你讲过几百次了" is what i always tell her when she misbehaved or anyhow throw her things. And she used it on my mum! LOL

The way she talk really make people 又好气又好笑! Now that she's still young, everyone find her cute & funny. Wait till she gets older, people will find her irritating liao. Sigh

Not easy at all to be the one doing the discipline!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hat Yai (22nd - 25th June 2011) - Part II

Okay, all my pictures are in a big mess & not in order. I don't know why the hell i became sucha messy person now!!!



Upon arrival, uncle brought us to this place for lunch where i had the best Tom Yum Kung in the world. And ZY's favourite fish...


It's very crispy & i love the fruits salad as toppings! And...

Raeann ate 4 bowls of white rice lor!!!!

Becos we had heavy lunch in the late noon, we couldn't bring ourselves to go for dinner with them at 7pm. So we went shopping at Greenway & Perk Thai first! Then later the night, the 2 kids were passed to us & we brought them for our late dinner cum supper here...


My birthday was spent here! Happy Birthday to me, once again~


Got liveband somemore! That's where i heard of the song "Bao Bao"!


Raeann jitao buay paiseh & went up to perform with them. =.=


We tipped the singers & waiter each 100 baht and they literally looked after Raeann for us. Bring her up to play all the instruments, carry her around & etc. You know, she's really very out-going & not shy de!

Life's much much simpler & easier in Hat Yai, people there are easily contented, unlike us. Becos of the stress we faced everyday, we just can't be contented with our own life cos Singaporeans are always 'chionging chionging & chionging'.

Their monthly salary is about 6000 baht (about S$240), so when you tip them 100 baht (S$4), they will treat u like a king/queen liao. To us, S$4 is nothing, it's like a plate of economic vege rice but to them, it's about their 2 hours salary lor! One satisfied & nice meal for 4-5 paxs cost average about S$30. I guess their MOST expensive meals in a high class restuarants with all the good & expensive dishes ordered costed like S$200+ only. Yes, that's their cost of living, low & simple. ZY said he wanted to migrate there liao. HAHAHA



Went to Lotus Shopping Mall on the 2nd day & ZY saw durians bigger than Raeann's head. LOL


3rd day at praying place! A very ulu kampong area & this is their ice cream at 10 baht! Si bei huge!


The very cheap facial. It's a high class place located at only (several) shopping malls, not those lousy type. ZY said he did his for only 700 baht (S$28) & it cost around S$200+ here in SG. He kept asking if i wanna do together anot, i was quite tempted until someone said, "her skin so nice, she do for what!" then i decided not to do. Okay, the trick to beautiful skin is, not doing any facial. Hahaha


Maple syrup mini waffle! Quite yummy!


Floating market!!!


All sort of food sold at the floating market! Quite nice wan lor!


This cup is FOC when u purchase drinks at don't know 20 or 25 baht. ZY brought back 2!


Mum bought back this 'cheng teng' on the 3rd night, full of ingredients!


Checking out soon...


Breakfast at some dim sum place! This is how close they are.

ZY was telling me he must have owed Raeann alot of debts in his last life! LOL! Seriously, he's extremely tolerance towards her de! He said only Raeann's able to 'ke' him. LOL


At the airport!

Of cos, without uncle & Qing there, it won't be this fun at all. We don't have to walk far, carry big & small bags of our shopping loots becos Qing ferried us around. She helped us to bargain even though things there are already very cheap. ZY bought 10 berms at only 80 baht (S$3) per piece! Cheap not? Looks like he's already planning when to go again liao, most probably in Dec? XS also jio-ed me to go in Dec BUT don't think i can make it cos nobody looks after baby? Or maybe my aunt can! Heehee

Qing said, next time if i wanna go BKK, give her a call becos being a local there, she can get 500 baht per night hotel for us, she can buy things at their local cheap rates. If you should know, BKK is a place to 'chop' foreigners like us! If she were to go with us, she said she can buy things even cheaper than HDY. She was at BKK for a month last month. It's sucha blessing to know her lah!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hat Yai (22nd - 25th June 2011) - Part I

Oh yeah, i'm back from the 'Land of Smile' (is Hat Yai consider it too?), with quite an heavy heart. Received a bad news upon arrival, very shock, R.I.P. friend. Sigh. Life's really unpredictable, cherish everything & everyone you have.

As usual, i can't bear to leave Hat Yai yesterday, even though the weather is really killing me. It's so bloody fucking hot!!!



These are only PART of the loots i got back from there, 1/2 have already packed into bags to give to friends! =) I know i'm very messy this time round, i'm lazy to place it nicely & took pics of them seperately. Sorry lah, a pregnant woman is a lazy woman (i'm only saying myself). LOL

I spent a total of 12,000 baht which is about S$480.00. I still have balance Thai baht left but too bad my luggage is already overweight (about 30 kgs) & i can't walk any further. My mum said i'm already very 'powerful' cos the amount i walked is already considered ALOT cos i'm almost 7 months preggie now. Baby is very very excited too, dancing in my tummy almost everyday. Heehee


Raeann was very very excited & happy too!


I had the BEST tom yum kung in the world! It's very very very spicy, i love it!


I caught the most scenic view of the floating market!


The birthday presents Raeann got for me, with a very sweet greeting early in the morning.

Did i mention that baby love grapes? I can eat the whole bunch of grapes myself now lor.


The very chio light which ZY's thinking to import it to sell in SG. It's really very pretty for house, room or shops decorations. We managed to carry 2 of them back! Anyone interested?

Raeann went up to perform this song with a live band. VERY NICE leh, this song!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Packing in progress!

Wah seh, i'm almost done packing our luggage, within an hour. I don't know if i've become a pro in packing or it's cos i'm preggie & i don't have much clothes to choose from, just dump in whatever i'm still able to fit.

Bobo just came back from M'sia & BKK yester-midnight & yet she prepared a long list of stuffs to ask me buy from Hat Yai. =.= Somemore, never give me any $. You see, i'm so ke lian. My sis bully me, my bro bully me, my husband bully me, my daughter also bully me. LOL!

Thank god i've already learnt how to protect myself and say 'NO' to people. Used to be so afraid to turn people down, whatever people asked me to help, even though sometimes i'm not so willing, i'll also help.

I'll TRY to help everyone buy their stuffs provided i happened to see it or unless i promised you. If not, sorry about it. I won't deliberately go and search lah cos time is so precious there, i need to go praying, manicure + pedicure, facial for ZY, etc etc. No time leh!

ZY kept saying he wanted to go there for facial cos it's cheap and good. Those that cost about S$100 here, it only cost 500 baht (S$20) there. Well, as i said before, i've not done facial before in my entire life and i don't know what's good or no good. Haha! ZY is very hiao!

Okay, gtg continue packing now. Bye all & Singapore!

And oh ya...

Happy Birthday to me!!! =D

Friday, June 17, 2011

Do you know...?

Why i refused to post anymore private stuffs here?

Becos some people are really inbalanced & imaginative. Becos some people really have no life till they can't stop stalking me. Becos some people are really kpo, always wanna know what's going on in my life. Becos some people are really BHB, love criticizing people when they themselves aren't any better. Becos...

Well, whatever i posted in this blog now are either irrelavant, random, not important, or with no meaning. Take it or leave it!

All the important stuffs about myself, my family or whoever i deem important to me are all in my private blog and of cos, only selective people are honoured to read it! =)

Yesterday night, before sleeping, i'm thinking about this question...

Which type of people do you prefer?

A) One who pretend to be so concern about your life, care every single thing about you (in another word, KPO), but share your private secrets with many others. And when he/she asked u, u MUST tell them if not their imagination run wild and they will think u don't treat them as friend. Always agreeing in whatever u do, even if it's wrong, they will support u.

B) One who don't really ask much about u but if you're willing to share your woes with him/her, he/she will always be there for u. Keeping your secrets to only him/herself, share their genuine opinion with u. When he/she thinks you're at fault, they're not afraid if you get angry anot by sharing their true thoughts & reprimand u when needed.

I prefer the latter. There's no point keeping hypocrite friends by my side who only know how to 'soh' my tail, even to the extend i did something wrong, they will pretend to support me but end up don't know what fucking rumours he/she is spreading behind my back.

So, what's your preferrence? =)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last trip before birth!

Okay, air tickets are booked, my trip is confirmed. I'll be leaving on 22nd June - 25th June, it's actually my mum's idea that i can celebrate my birthday there as well. Heeheehee

It shall be my last trip before i give birth, don't know when will i have the chance to travel again after baby's out. But ZY said, we can go ourselves without baby Ho, becos Raeann also didn't travel until after 1 yr old? Forgot liao! LOL

I'm still in the office waiting for XS's call becos i forgotten what time i'm suppose to meet her liao. FML, my memory is failing me even more now.

I think i go home first becos i don't know how long she will molly today. Ok bye!

My life, my kids!

Posted something but deleted it, blogged something too but decided not to post it. Becos i find it childish. =)

Gotten my travel letter from my gynae this morning, now waiting for ZY's confirmation before i can go ahead & book the air tickets! Bye Singapore again~

***While typing this, baby is kicking non stop, very excited huh!

HAHAHAHAH, Raeann just said something which made me LOL. Really buay tahan her! She's really very funny. Yesterday, i showed her Lee Hom's Forever Love's MTV. And she suddenly say, "the bride look like Agnes yiyi hor? the eyes look alike". And i was like "YA HOR".

Then i msged Agnes & Tricia, asked them to watch. Agnes said that actually someone told her before too. So actually Raeann's observation is quite good as she only saw Agnes (at the most) 3 times for a short while only? Her memory is definately better than me.

I know these pics came late but better than never right?




All taken on SuperStar Virgo by my SILs.

P/S : Just gotta know that a girlfriend has given birth to her i-dunno-how-many child today. Congrats Grace! :) So happy for all my friends lately, either just given birth or just preggie! 恭喜恭喜!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's so fun here?

Don't understand why Raeann LOVES coming to my office so much, there's nothing here becos i forbidded her from printing papers liao. Thus, for these 2 days, she did not asked me to print anything for her at all.

So, what's the fun here? No toys at all here leh.

I don't know, but she just love coming here.

She also didn't disturb me, she can just watch Mr Bean alone quietly for a few hours.

Advantage of only child? Able to play alone. Disadvantage? Grow up to be stingy, selfish & attention seeker (this is what people told me).

Hmm, ask me? I've no comments. It all depends on the up-bringing, i feel.

Both my blogs have become so wordy recently becos both my cameras are being borrowed by Bobo. She told me she can't decide which to bring and end up? She brought both? =.=

I might be going Hat Yai this coming Sunday or next Tuesday for 3-4 days. It's planned but not confirmed. Shall buy all my baby stuffs there if i'm going! But now, i need to go get a letter from my gynae first!

Yesterday, mummy bought crab beehoon for me!!! It's so yummy that i ate a few bowls of it! Gosh, very FAT liao. I don't control my diet at all, just eat whatever i want. The best happiness in life - to be able to eat whatever you want and don't get fat. Agree? What matter MOST is, baby is healthy! =D

Another 3 more months, Raeann will have someone to play with liao. Everyone has been telling me, "wow, time flies, very fast hor?". Aiyo, the one pregnant don't feel the same way lor! It's very tedious to walk around with this huge tummy leh.

ZY was asking me the other day, if i wanted to book chalets for baby shower anot. Hmm, i don't think i'll be planning any baby shower party this time round. Becos hor, that time i do for Raeann, NOBODY HELPED ME. Everything i planned & paid myself, and i did it for 2 times, 2 places. Why should i make myself so exhausted & tired again?

I'm not being unfair becos if i know it's that hectic to plan parties for both sides (during confinement without any helps), i wouldn't have done it for Raeann as well. So yea, i had my lesson learnt, no more next time.

I know my husband TOO WELL, he will only talk talk talk and ask me to do everything. To avoid arguements, don't do, just have a simple dinner with families will do. Save the hassle & energy to quarrel! I think i've grow smarter liao! LOL

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My personal line contract will be up this coming 17th and i can upgrade & get a new phone!!! I'm STILL using my iPhone 3GS becos i'm SO FUCKING lazy to change phone, i'm really not into gadgets one. As long as can use, i'm fine with it & i'll use it until it's spoil. HAHAHA! Don't understand why i so thrifty on these!

My Samsung Galaxy Ace is still left there un-touched & i'm able to get a new phone now, how to use so many phones at once? LOL

ZY asked me to get iPhone 4 in white & sell it away, am still considering. But how much issit worth now? Anyone interested to buy? Heehee

Thursday, June 9, 2011

4 years ago...


Extracted these pics from my old blog.

This is how i look one month after i give birth.

I always bleach my high-light so as to save the hassle of high-lighting it everytime. Been doing this for more than 9 years le! =D

Let's see how will i look like one month after birth this time round! :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


If you do it once, you may say it's "ACCIDENTAL". But if you do it again & again, it's no longer "ACCIDENTAL" and stop finding lame excuses for your actions.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My heart is burning!!!

Both my pregnancies are torturing me from the start till the end. How i envy people that don't have such problems!

Into my 3rd trimester now and i'm experiencing frequent heartburn! I vividly remember that during Raeann's time, my heartburn was so serious & causing me great discomfort for the whole of my 3rd trimester. Now, this is the start again...

What is Heartburn?

Heartburn is an uncomfortable but common feeling of burning or warmth in the chest. Although the pain of heartburn is felt in the chest, heartburn has nothing to do with your heart. Instead, heartburn is caused by stomach acid.

Continual bouts of heartburn can be a symptom of a more serious condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. Frequent or severe heartburn may limit daily activities and lead to further complications such as ulcers in the esophagus. With proper understanding of heartburn and treatment, relief can be obtained from this condition.

About 30% of adults experience occasional heartburn, while 10% experience heartburn every day. About 25% of pregnant women have heartburn or related symptoms.

P/S : I happened to be in the sway 25% again! =.=

Heartburn causes?

The food that is swallowed travels from the mouth to the stomach through a hollow tube called the esophagus (or food pipe). Before entering the stomach, food must pass through a tight muscle at the lower part of the esophagus called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). The lower esophageal sphincter prevents food from traveling backward into the esophagus.

Once in the stomach, stomach acid digests the food. This acid is very strong and can damage most parts of the body. Fortunately, the stomach is protected from its own acid by a special mucous layer. The esophagus, however, does not have any such special protection. If the lower esophageal sphincter does not close completely, the lower part of the esophagus can be damaged by stomach acid. When this happens, heartburn may be experienced.

The lower esophageal sphincter may not close completely thus allowing stomach acid into the esophagus for these reasons:

  • Certain foods and drinks are known to loosen the lower esophageal sphincter. These include chocolate, peppermint, caffeine-containing beverages (such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks), fatty foods, and alcohol.
  • Heartburn often depends on the body's position. It is easier for stomach acid to flow back into the esophagus if you are lying down or bending over.
  • Anything that increases the pressure on the stomach and forces stomach acid backward into the esophagus can also cause heartburn. This is why lifting, straining, coughing, tight clothing, obesity, and pregnancy can worsen heartburn.
  • People who suffer from certain medical conditions may have an increased chance of heartburn. These conditions include hiatal hernia, diabetes, and many autoimmune diseases (CREST syndrome, Raynaud phenomenon, and scleroderma).
  • Many prescription medications can loosen the lower esophageal sphincter, including certain blood pressure and heart medications, and the asthma drug theophylline.
  • Many substances directly irritate the lining of the esophagus and can contribute to heartburn. These include spicy foods, citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes and tomato sauces, cigarette smoke, aspirin, ibuprofen (with brand names such as Motrin and Advil), and medicines for osteoporosis.

P/P/S : Maybe cos i'm too fat now! FML! :(

Extracted from

Monday, June 6, 2011


On 11th May 2011, i posted this on my FB...

Take a look at the 4D result last night!
1124 really came out, about a month later!!! LOL

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Today, i heard another case of a friend getting divorce soon. It's so saddening! :(

I don't know why, whenever i heard someone facing some marriage issues, i'll think about that time when my marriage was in the most rockiest situation. I've faced it before & therefore i know how it feels to be trapped inside that kind of problem.

I won't ever encourage people to divorce, never. Neither will i question them things like, "why get married and then want to divorce so easily?". Becos i know it's not that easy for one to come to that kind of decision when you have actually wasted your youth, effort & time on that man/woman, that marriage.

For me, whatever decision i make, the first person i think of is, Raeann. And ONLY Raeann is able to make me change my decision, no matter how stubborn i am.

Why i eventually give in & decided not to go for divorce is purely becos of her. Becos i'm afraid one fine day she will pop me questions like, "where's my daddy?" or "why aren't my daddy staying with me?" etc.

Even now, we're still not staying together yet, she will ask me everyday, "今天 papa 有住我们的家吗?". Sometimes, she'll just take my phone and call her dad and ask him this question also. I asked her why she wants her papa to stay over? She said, "because i want papa & mummy to stay together with me".

She is not even 4 years old yet! I cannot imagine if we were to divorce, what kind of emotional hurt will she suffers from it. No matter how much effort i put in as a single mum, she'll grow up with a lack of 'father's love'.

Then again, this is just my own point of view & also, "say is easier than done". If your spouse refused to put in any effort in salvaging the marriage, there's nothing you can do either. It takes 2 hands to clap!

Therefore, i thank god for my daughter for 'encouraging' ZY & me to salvage & put in effort for our marriage.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The lil' small adult!

Guess what present Miss Ho wants for her birthday?

Nope, not toys, definately.

She wants...


I've tweeted before saying that i've never seen a kid who loves paper soooooo muchie. Forget about toys man, just give her some paper and she's very happy liao. LOL

I've already decided what to give her on her birthday - a duper big box of color pencils and a book of papers (i print, i design & i bind) i made personally. I guess she will be the most happy kid on earth liao. HAHA!

She's just like a small adult whom likes adult stuffs, eat adult food, watch adult shows, listen to adult songs & talk like an adult.

Which kid doesn't like toys? She lor! Even though she has tons of toys, but she seldom play them. She rather exchange her toys with some rubbish advertisment papers. Weird?

Well, that's what makes her special isn't it? :)


Sexy? :) She posed this herself de!


We were at USS on Monday, our 3rd time there liao!!!

Forever the apple of our eyes! I thank everyone who dotes and loves her!