Friday, June 17, 2011

Do you know...?

Why i refused to post anymore private stuffs here?

Becos some people are really inbalanced & imaginative. Becos some people really have no life till they can't stop stalking me. Becos some people are really kpo, always wanna know what's going on in my life. Becos some people are really BHB, love criticizing people when they themselves aren't any better. Becos...

Well, whatever i posted in this blog now are either irrelavant, random, not important, or with no meaning. Take it or leave it!

All the important stuffs about myself, my family or whoever i deem important to me are all in my private blog and of cos, only selective people are honoured to read it! =)

Yesterday night, before sleeping, i'm thinking about this question...

Which type of people do you prefer?

A) One who pretend to be so concern about your life, care every single thing about you (in another word, KPO), but share your private secrets with many others. And when he/she asked u, u MUST tell them if not their imagination run wild and they will think u don't treat them as friend. Always agreeing in whatever u do, even if it's wrong, they will support u.

B) One who don't really ask much about u but if you're willing to share your woes with him/her, he/she will always be there for u. Keeping your secrets to only him/herself, share their genuine opinion with u. When he/she thinks you're at fault, they're not afraid if you get angry anot by sharing their true thoughts & reprimand u when needed.

I prefer the latter. There's no point keeping hypocrite friends by my side who only know how to 'soh' my tail, even to the extend i did something wrong, they will pretend to support me but end up don't know what fucking rumours he/she is spreading behind my back.

So, what's your preferrence? =)

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