Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last trip before birth!

Okay, air tickets are booked, my trip is confirmed. I'll be leaving on 22nd June - 25th June, it's actually my mum's idea that i can celebrate my birthday there as well. Heeheehee

It shall be my last trip before i give birth, don't know when will i have the chance to travel again after baby's out. But ZY said, we can go ourselves without baby Ho, becos Raeann also didn't travel until after 1 yr old? Forgot liao! LOL

I'm still in the office waiting for XS's call becos i forgotten what time i'm suppose to meet her liao. FML, my memory is failing me even more now.

I think i go home first becos i don't know how long she will molly today. Ok bye!

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