Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The lil' small adult!

Guess what present Miss Ho wants for her birthday?

Nope, not toys, definately.

She wants...


I've tweeted before saying that i've never seen a kid who loves paper soooooo muchie. Forget about toys man, just give her some paper and she's very happy liao. LOL

I've already decided what to give her on her birthday - a duper big box of color pencils and a book of papers (i print, i design & i bind) i made personally. I guess she will be the most happy kid on earth liao. HAHA!

She's just like a small adult whom likes adult stuffs, eat adult food, watch adult shows, listen to adult songs & talk like an adult.

Which kid doesn't like toys? She lor! Even though she has tons of toys, but she seldom play them. She rather exchange her toys with some rubbish advertisment papers. Weird?

Well, that's what makes her special isn't it? :)


Sexy? :) She posed this herself de!


We were at USS on Monday, our 3rd time there liao!!!

Forever the apple of our eyes! I thank everyone who dotes and loves her!

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