Thursday, June 2, 2011


Today, i heard another case of a friend getting divorce soon. It's so saddening! :(

I don't know why, whenever i heard someone facing some marriage issues, i'll think about that time when my marriage was in the most rockiest situation. I've faced it before & therefore i know how it feels to be trapped inside that kind of problem.

I won't ever encourage people to divorce, never. Neither will i question them things like, "why get married and then want to divorce so easily?". Becos i know it's not that easy for one to come to that kind of decision when you have actually wasted your youth, effort & time on that man/woman, that marriage.

For me, whatever decision i make, the first person i think of is, Raeann. And ONLY Raeann is able to make me change my decision, no matter how stubborn i am.

Why i eventually give in & decided not to go for divorce is purely becos of her. Becos i'm afraid one fine day she will pop me questions like, "where's my daddy?" or "why aren't my daddy staying with me?" etc.

Even now, we're still not staying together yet, she will ask me everyday, "今天 papa 有住我们的家吗?". Sometimes, she'll just take my phone and call her dad and ask him this question also. I asked her why she wants her papa to stay over? She said, "because i want papa & mummy to stay together with me".

She is not even 4 years old yet! I cannot imagine if we were to divorce, what kind of emotional hurt will she suffers from it. No matter how much effort i put in as a single mum, she'll grow up with a lack of 'father's love'.

Then again, this is just my own point of view & also, "say is easier than done". If your spouse refused to put in any effort in salvaging the marriage, there's nothing you can do either. It takes 2 hands to clap!

Therefore, i thank god for my daughter for 'encouraging' ZY & me to salvage & put in effort for our marriage.


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