Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Packing in progress!

Wah seh, i'm almost done packing our luggage, within an hour. I don't know if i've become a pro in packing or it's cos i'm preggie & i don't have much clothes to choose from, just dump in whatever i'm still able to fit.

Bobo just came back from M'sia & BKK yester-midnight & yet she prepared a long list of stuffs to ask me buy from Hat Yai. =.= Somemore, never give me any $. You see, i'm so ke lian. My sis bully me, my bro bully me, my husband bully me, my daughter also bully me. LOL!

Thank god i've already learnt how to protect myself and say 'NO' to people. Used to be so afraid to turn people down, whatever people asked me to help, even though sometimes i'm not so willing, i'll also help.

I'll TRY to help everyone buy their stuffs provided i happened to see it or unless i promised you. If not, sorry about it. I won't deliberately go and search lah cos time is so precious there, i need to go praying, manicure + pedicure, facial for ZY, etc etc. No time leh!

ZY kept saying he wanted to go there for facial cos it's cheap and good. Those that cost about S$100 here, it only cost 500 baht (S$20) there. Well, as i said before, i've not done facial before in my entire life and i don't know what's good or no good. Haha! ZY is very hiao!

Okay, gtg continue packing now. Bye all & Singapore!

And oh ya...

Happy Birthday to me!!! =D

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