Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's so fun here?

Don't understand why Raeann LOVES coming to my office so much, there's nothing here becos i forbidded her from printing papers liao. Thus, for these 2 days, she did not asked me to print anything for her at all.

So, what's the fun here? No toys at all here leh.

I don't know, but she just love coming here.

She also didn't disturb me, she can just watch Mr Bean alone quietly for a few hours.

Advantage of only child? Able to play alone. Disadvantage? Grow up to be stingy, selfish & attention seeker (this is what people told me).

Hmm, ask me? I've no comments. It all depends on the up-bringing, i feel.

Both my blogs have become so wordy recently becos both my cameras are being borrowed by Bobo. She told me she can't decide which to bring and end up? She brought both? =.=

I might be going Hat Yai this coming Sunday or next Tuesday for 3-4 days. It's planned but not confirmed. Shall buy all my baby stuffs there if i'm going! But now, i need to go get a letter from my gynae first!

Yesterday, mummy bought crab beehoon for me!!! It's so yummy that i ate a few bowls of it! Gosh, very FAT liao. I don't control my diet at all, just eat whatever i want. The best happiness in life - to be able to eat whatever you want and don't get fat. Agree? What matter MOST is, baby is healthy! =D

Another 3 more months, Raeann will have someone to play with liao. Everyone has been telling me, "wow, time flies, very fast hor?". Aiyo, the one pregnant don't feel the same way lor! It's very tedious to walk around with this huge tummy leh.

ZY was asking me the other day, if i wanted to book chalets for baby shower anot. Hmm, i don't think i'll be planning any baby shower party this time round. Becos hor, that time i do for Raeann, NOBODY HELPED ME. Everything i planned & paid myself, and i did it for 2 times, 2 places. Why should i make myself so exhausted & tired again?

I'm not being unfair becos if i know it's that hectic to plan parties for both sides (during confinement without any helps), i wouldn't have done it for Raeann as well. So yea, i had my lesson learnt, no more next time.

I know my husband TOO WELL, he will only talk talk talk and ask me to do everything. To avoid arguements, don't do, just have a simple dinner with families will do. Save the hassle & energy to quarrel! I think i've grow smarter liao! LOL


  1. Hi, mind sharing the gender of your baby? i'm just kpo. is okie if you dun wish to say out here. take care mummy..

  2. Hmm... i stated everything in my private blog! =D


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