Sunday, July 31, 2011

First day of Lunar 7th Month 2011

I'm awake, at such hours cos of the toilet break and i've difficulty getting back to sleep, HATE IT. But i kinda expected it cos today, i drank SO MUCH water and had so little food intake (only ate 3-4 spoonful of rice for the whole day). I think all the water made me bloated and became no appetite.

Got dragged to Turf City early in the morning lor! =.=

Today's the first day of lunar 7th month, i was reminded to be home before 12am but i was home before 7pm cos ZY need to go various places to pray. I used this as an excuse not to go CCK & stay cos i told him i need to pray at home but end up, i fell asleep with Raeann before 11pm. =X

You know, i seemed to have this curse since don't know when. I will fall sick, very very sick during every lunar 7th month. I hope i don't get it this year, keeping my finger crossed.

Okay lah, finally feeling sleepy now. Good night!

P/S : Oh ya, go sign up for your KAO BLEACH free sample by clicking on the top banner on this blog! =) I signed up le, free de, auntie like me sure like it! LOL

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Retail Therapy

Sometimes, you just have to spend to make yourself happy.

Finally placed our orders, but kinda worried it will tio tax now. Aiyo! Sonia said to play safe, better don't exceed S$300 but i mis-read and keep it within USD300 instead. So now after converting is around S$360. OMG lah, can the shipping be within S$40? AIYOYOYOYO

It's really difficult to keep within budget of S$400 leh, especially when the prices are so tempting!

I didn't know there are so many steps as this is the first time i'm ordering myself, usually it's my friends who helped me to order and i only need to pay them in SGD. Now i know... 辛苦你们了!

Bought quite a few extra items, let's see what can i give to my reader! :) Can't wait for the shipment to arrive, hope it will arrive before i'm due so that i can pass Karine her dresses. BO PI NO COCK UP, thank you!


My house got alot of durians now!!! So tempting but i can't eat! LOL

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Online shopping is a killer!

Currently doing some online shopping on an US website and all their stuffs are omg tempting. I've been adding things to cart while waiting for Karine to gimme her orders, maybe later. I shall blog now to divert my attention from there in the meantime. Cos i told myself not to exceed USD300 and now is already USD280+, delivery not included yet. By right, alot of items are on sales leh, how come i can buy so much huh? LOL

But you see, i buy sooo much stuffs for about S$300+, it's more worth than my hb modifying his car right? Some car parts are tiny and very expensive lor! Okay, i'm not guilty now. HAHAHA

Very random, but i think twin are very very cute. I just saw Gigi Lai's twin daughters, it's omg, cute max. But it won't be easy to handle twin without any help lor. Tsk! Anyway, all my friends should know, i've this favouritism for girls, baby girls. I don't know why, all along i'm like that. I love to see baby girls dolling up, so cute isn't it?

But i also don't why, my girl doesn't like to doll up, since baby. Whatever i put on her hair/head, she will pull it out! Now that she has grown up, worse, she wants to choose her own attires, styles & etc and it's more to the 'rock' & 'punk' side. *faint* Everyone says that maybe her kukubird accidentally fly away during birth. =.= She is not gentle, not soft spoken, not vain, not shy, everything also not. Sigh

However, she really dotes on me and will take care of me. Like when she's walking in front with her dad, she will slow down her pace to wait for me, open & wait at the door for me etc, very gentleman girl! Hahaha! No matter how angry i am, she has her ways to cheer me up lah. I guess, god sent her to me to make up for her dad, and then, her dad will make it up to her, just like a cycle. LOL

Her teacher drew it for her & everyone in the class. Don't have to queue & pay 20c! LOL

I think i'm kinda orbit cos i was only introduced to Henna during my teenage days. But Raeann gets to do it when she's not even 4! Ya lah, i know nowadays Primary School already started par-tor-ing liao. Why kids progress so fast nowadays? *stress*

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fat baby!

Spent more than 2 hours at my gynae's clinic today, Dr Tho's business is doing very well, the clinic is always so packed. I intro-ed many friends there okay! Becos he's nice, good & his charges are damn reasonable. I gave birth to Raeann hor, i paid less than 1k in cash only. He won't anyhow chop de lor. Like just now i told him i wanna opt for full GA c-sect rather than natural birth, he asked me don't waste my money and he strongly discouraged it. He's a very nice gynae lah, otherwise i won't go back to him again.

Anyway, i was mistaken, i checked with him earlier, this baby is actually much heavier than Raeann as at 31 weeks. I thought baby is small & i stuffed myself with durian these 2 weeks. So, the extra weight i gained is actually not necessary becos baby is growing well & good. AIYO! I need to control my diet from today onwards cos doc says my weight is going up too fast! :( My legs has already started to swell as well. Here fat, there fat, everywhere fat fat!

P/S : Baby's head is facing down lo!!!

I'm already damn upset about my current weight & ZY still can ask me if i hitted 70kgs already! (Heng ah, still far from it!) He said he's only 60+ kgs, only ghost will believe lor. Never will i hit 70kgs and never will i go beyond his weight. NO WAY!

I'm so elated that baby is growing well, contented with what i have now. Gonna ask doc for another 3D scan the next visit! (I need not pay any extra $ for all my 3D scans.)

Was supposed to be on MC today but i'm here in the office now! Bery hardworking hor? LOL!

Ending this post with a pic of my 大宝贝! =D

Friday, July 22, 2011

Racial Harmony 2011 - 21st July

Dressed her up in Indian costume this year!

Quite sick of dressing her up in cheongsam cos she has been wearing it for the past few years! Few weeks ago, our angmo neighbour gave Raeann a big bag of costumes which consist of 2 x indian, SIA, 2 x ballerina, etc etc. I knew all these costumes doesn't come cheap lor, so nice of them! =) And this, it's in her favourite GREEN color, so she's willing to wear lor! Looks very fitting on her right?

I thought Raeann is too short for her age but seems like she's not the shortest, she's kind of the average size. The malay boy is her best friend, "ah fit" (don't know how to spell) , she always mention to us about him de.


Her current school will always invite parents to join in all their events/occassions/etc (bonding), which has it's pros and cons lah. Those who are working like me will not be able to take leave so often to join them and their kid will be left out cos alot of the parents are SAHM.

But by far, i've not missed out any single events yet lah cos i think if i didn't go, Raeann will be disappointed lor. Maybe becos i only have one kid, that's why i put in all my time & effort on her. Now, 2nd one's coming, i hope i can do the same too, to be fair to both of them.

All the stalls at the mini carnival.

Some owners are the parents of Raeann's classmates. Hahaha! Hence i must support them cos all of them knew me! ZY said if they approached him, he will sell ice cream there. Hahahaha! Like real hor? As if he can even wake up that early to prepare.

We spent all the $4 coupons within 10 minutes. ZY bought 2 'sng bao' & Raeann bought 1 at 20c each, i bought a packet of drink at 40c, Putu Mayam (don't know how to spell) at 60c, roti prata at 80c (everyone complain very exp, lol), 2 philippine style snacks at 60c each & 1 kachang puteh at 40c. LOL!

The HENNA drawing is only 20c and there was a long long queue becos all the parents also joined in to draw. Luckily Raeann never see else i'd have to queue up with her!

Actually, it's kinda cute to hold something lidat! Becos the kids really get to learn about other races' food and culture and enjoy at the same time! Thumbs up for the school to come up with this idea!

And i realised... ALL the teachers know Raeann very well & dote on her alot. One teacher from another class come and tell me that Raeann don't like people to call her Miss Ho becos she said her name is Raeann and not Miss Ho.

I'm glad that every school she attended or is attending, all the teachers love her alot, despite her stubborn & naughty character. Maybe this is call '人缘' bah!

That day, i saw her year 1 playgroup teacher at IMM whom has long transferred to another branch, i can recognise her but forgot her name. She called me out, "瑞恩妈妈". After so long, she still can remember Raeann and me, lol. I told her Raeann's very very naughty now but she told me, "but she's very smart, smart kids tend to be more naughty one". Sigh!

How? Would you prefer a smart but naughty kid or an average but obedient one?!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's sauna time!!!

Let's see how long can i tahan today! By the way, i brought my own fan to work! Wahahahahaha! Already asked people to repair, just that the parts need to be ordered so earliest time to get it done will be tomorrow at 11am. LOL!

Anyway, there's a racial harmony event at Raeann's school tomorrow morning and parents are invited to join. There's like a mini carnival going on and food, drinks & books will be on sale! I already bought the tickets lo! I thought it's $1 per game/item, but no, the ticket is $1 but divided into 5 pcs (20c each) and each item is like 20c - 40c ONLY. Hahaha! I miss my Primary school days, noodles at 30c and so yummy. I really miss all my Primary school food becos all are so tasty, unlike my Sec school one, i can't remember which stall i frequent at all.

Oh, Bo told me something over whatsapp last night and i was kinda... agitated. But now ok liao lah. Just warned her not to post anything related to me on her blog/fb/wherever. You know, referrals don't lie! Not that i'm afraid to let people know stuffs about me, i didn't do anything wrong, there's nothing to be afraid about. Just that some people's mouth are really EVIL, better avoid lor. Later i fed-up then they go hide again leh! LOL

Yesterday evening, i told Sonia over whatsapp that i wish to work in town area or MNC companies becos i love to have lotsa colls. She was telling me that it's quite troublesome cos need to dress up. I love dressing up! Just that i work here (industrial area), dress up also nobody see, only some stray dogs & cats & uncles at the canteen. LOL

I was telling JJ about it, then she said, "maybe have leh, only you don't know". She said my office neighbour's son always jokingly told my bro that if only he wooed me, then we would become family, then can start business together, blah blah blah. HAHA!

Yes lah, for the past 8-10 years, i've been living BLINDLY. I don't interfere in other's business and i only blindly do my own things. I also don't anyhow talk to people, i don't interacts will my neighbours at all. I'M NOT A KPO JI MAH, why would i bother about what's happening to people & business not concerning me at all? Only life-less people do that what!!

WOW, i'm so HOT now. Why did the fan blow out hot air?! Stuffy die me! RAIN, please RAIN!!!

Edited : 3:50pm

MY AIRCON OKAY LIAO!!! Oh my god, i'm so fucking happy! Hahaha! My dad suddenly go & call his friend to come and see (i don't know about it) and he repaired it!!!!! That uncle got no reaction wan, talk to him no reaction. But whatever, as long as he repaired it, i respect him!

Asked my dad earlier, "who is this person huh?". He said, "my friend lor".



I think i slimmed down 2kgs liao.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It was an eye opener for us last night. We had dinner with 6000+ people!!! OMG, 600+ tables! Damn huge & grand for a temple dinner. Saw alot of familiar faces, saw a friend's ex & current bf, saw alot of young good-looking bankers too. When i said good-looking, they're those eligible from appearances type, age range around 20+-30+. LOL

I know why they were there lah, cos alot of RICH & BIG bosses were there lor! PR mah! Why i knew there were alot of rich and big bosses there is becos of the bidding amount. Can you imagine a pair of ong lai for $60+K, one huat kuey $70K, one banner $140K and etc etc etc? I don't know need to take how long to save the most minimum amount lor. Now i know, there are ALOT of very rich Singaporeans around.


It's so damn huge that they need to separate it area by area like A1 - A6, B1 - B6 & etc then follow by the table number. Really 夸张 one!


It's a Monday but attendance were full, 斗天宫 is very 'ling'.


The menu!

All the tables are seperated into 4 different caterers. Unfortunately, our table is not under the best caterer! Our food is so-so only thus i'm not going to go into it much. Well, the table besides us got the best caterer, which my mum was praising so well cos she had it last year! From what i see, INDEED IT IS lor!


'Buddha Jump Over The Wall'. Did you see abalone? One each hor!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Abalone Noodle @ JB

Sigh, my dad hor, is really the irritating sometimes. My aircon is still not okay yet, i'm still inside the sauna and already pekchek enough (plus insomnia last night). YET, he can still nag & nag, grumble & grumble about the aircon. FYI, i'm alone in this office and he's not affected by the aircon lor. Obviously i wanted to get it repaired asap if not i'm the one who suffer leh. Spare me the nagging lah. I'm gonna escape to another office later liao!

I'm damn busy this entire week, there's thing to do almost everyday lor. All the baby stuffs have been washed, now is time to buy my own stuffs liao. Sigh, SO BUSY!


My initial plan last Friday was to go JB with XS and friends for lok lok and movie. But my super lame husband gave me tons of super lame reasons not to let me go.

1) JB so dangerous!
2) The area you all going alot of drug addicts.
3) Later you kena kick on your tummy how?
4) Later you wanna give birth how? Later my child become M'sian how?


In the end, i didn't go. I went for porridge buffet with my family instead.

Then last night, my bro suggested to go JB for abalone noodle. I informed ZY and he still can ask me to 打包 crabs for him. So i asked him, "eh, u not worried i going to give birth there liao meh?".

FHL very very much right? TMD. On Friday worried that i'll give birth, then on Sunday not worried i'll give birth liao. =.=

So off we went lah! Bro, SIL, Bo, Mum, Raeann & me! One of the many reasons why i love staying at home = my life's more colorful! Hahaha! If i go CCK, ZY will only force me to sleep or watch him sleep!

A large bowl for everyone @ RM11 each. Large = 3 pcs abalone! LOL

Ordered an extra bowl to share! I must eat more & Raeann loves the noodle cos she finished up clean clean ah! Their kuay tiao is very nice cos very soft! Heehee

And when i reached home, there's a large pot of boiled birdnest waiting for me! Wooohoooo! How blessed! ZY bought the birdnest & mummy also bought. So when cooked, everyone get to eat! I've been eating it every week for the past few weeks. Life's good!

P/S : Believe it or not? Now i only post all the good things on this blog, people will also have things to say wan. In one sentence, "you can never please everyone" & when a person dislike you, no matter what you say/do, they have rubbish to say about you.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lovely bun with Miss Donut!


What's this huh??? Looks like donut hor?!

Don't look down on this 'Miss Donut', she's amazing!


She can create beautiful bun like this!!!


Top it off with an accessory and you're ready to hit the town!

Bought all these at Hatyai for a few dollars only.

P/S : No mood to blog more cos office aircon breakdown, i'm inside the sauna now. But god heard my prayer, it's raining now. Still very warm & stuffy though. Changed my tyres and rims this morning at a very very very good price. The boss sibei funny sia!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yam Ah Mee 'cheated' me!!!

Anyone attended the GO Carnival at PA last Sunday??? I did! Did you guys saw Yam Ah Mee??? I did not! :(

I went there just for him leh, but i didn't see him at all!!!!!!! Why he bluff a 7 months pregnant lady? The sun really almost killed me, it's so bloody fucking HOT! I was outdoor for about an hour then i hide inside the sheltered area but still perspiring profusely. Sigh

I thought he will be the one who gave out lucky draw prizes, but it's not him. We had to leave before the final lucky draw due to the sudden heavy downpour. So, who won the iPad2? LOL

Then i saw Mr Brown's tweet, Mr Yam was at ION dancing at around 5pm, so i'm certain he's not the one giving out the lucky draw prizes at 4pm. So, why it stated there that he was the guest of honour??? Aiyo, very misleading leh.

Maybe he was there... for 10 minutes and i don't know where i was during the 10 minutes. Since i'm unable to take picture with him, i took a picture of his picture! HAHAHAHA


To clarify, i'm NOT in love with him lah. Just that people around have been raving about how friendly he is, so i think he should be a fun person IRL. And in case you don't know, he's married! His wife is also a very friendly person! Hee

But anyway, it's my first time attending such carnival and i really did not expect the crowds. So many people lor! I thought most people will hide at home due to the scorching hot sun but well, seems like alot of Singaporeans love outdoor activities.



Once again, Thank You Nuffnang! :)

And of cos, my readers & haters. Without you guys, this blog won't survive!

Read more and love/hate me more please! LOL

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rest In Peace

It was pronounced dead by my MIL on last Saturday (9-7-11) morning.  

Byebye AH DANG!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The 29th Week

Alright, i can see baby Ho soon, in another 10 more weeks or so! I'm getting nervous cos there are alot of things undone. I should stop being so lazy & get my bum moving!

Just back from my gynae check-up and he gave me MC to rest at home today due to UTI. It was so bad till i can't control my bladder for the past 1 week & i've to visit the toilet so often, even when i'm sleeping. And the worse part is, i feel pain when i pee. Sometimes, even when i don't pee, there's also sudden pain, on & off.

I would still continue to ignore if it weren't my routine check-up today becos i thought maybe is due to the baby pressing against my bladder & thus, causing the pain & discomfort. You see, i have this problem with myself. I would never visit any doctor/gynae until it got really very serious or when i really cannot take it. Usually, i'll self-cure! =X (I know how to say my father, but i also inherited his gene. LOL) It's not the money that matters, i just feel troublesome to visit a doctor. I'll still go to work if it's just minor cough/flu/headache/mild fever whatever. Guess i'm just not born to be a princess!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sibei kiasu!

Haha, i've already starting sourcing around for party favors & cakes for Raeann's birthday celebration in school, which falls on Sept, two months later! =X

I've no choice lor becos my due date is around that period of time leh. So i must get it done soon in order to let Raeann have a fun birthday but don't think i'll be able to join her this year. =(

Since i'm not be able to do a proper celebration for her, i must plan everything nicely before hand. I hope my precious1 will enjoy herself.

And and... i'm now re-considering to plan a baby shower party for precious2 becos i want to be fair to both my kids. I don't want them to grow up thinking i'm bias & unfair becos i'm really not sucha person. Well, it's not gonna be a big & grand party but maybe a small & quiet one whereby i'll just invite all my close friends & some relatives.


Baby shower party favor? Since precious2 is a bunny! =D

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011


"Before you shoot your mouth about others, always remember this word "KARMA". It might not only fall on you but MAYBE to your love ones as well."

I love to see her in skirt & dress!


Cute not? I thought of importing this back to sell!!

Range from $15.90 - $19.90, there are thick denim mini skirt, shorts, jacket, vest & etc.

Will anyone buy??? Advice appreciated!


Becos she's so tom-boyish & thus, whenever she's willing to wear a skirt or dress, i'll be over the moon. This morning, she chosen this dress herself becos she wanna tag along with us to town to sign some documents. Yeap, it's holiday today. Yesterday, she overheard us saying that we're going to meet Cheryl in town and she damn fast, she said, "tomorrow i wake up earlier to bathe then i wear a dress to follow you all go ok?". HAHAHA! Of cos her forever-doting-her dad agreed lor!

And yes, we went to Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant for lunch just now! Still as yummy as ever! If anyone read Bong QiuQiu's blog, she did some recommendations on her blog too. Cheryl said their Yoko Yoko is really good & the best part is, you can't eat it anywhere else! =D

GO TRY! GO TRY! Sure won't regret de!

P/S : Meiling!!! I saw our pic up on their board! OMG!

Friday, July 1, 2011

My new toy!


This is my latest 'toy' sponsored by ZY, i forced him to pay. Ha!

If you still doesn't know what issit, it's a GPS. Oh well, i've been thinking for years, don't know whether to buy or not. Nope, it's not becos i'm stingy as this is not very expensive, only $200+. The reason why i don't wish to get is cos, i don't want to depend on it & become a 路吃.

After all these years of driving (without GPS), i've recognised quite alot of directions & landmarks around SG. But one thing i can't deny is, after i'm married, i depend alot on ZY now (only with the road directions hor, other than that, i'm proud to say, i'm very independent) becos he's just like a GPS too. So whenever i'm with him, i need not look out for directions for him as he's very familiar with SG roads. He should be a taxi driver, HAHA!

And also, SG roads are ALWAYS changing, changing & changing. I might recognise it today but it will change most probably half a year later. That's why i think it's better for me to get a GPS now.

My brother is helping me to DL all the maps and cartoon characters inside, it's super cute, i swear. I can have spongebob, super mario & etc around like this...


Super cute right? This is from my bro's car, mine still not done yet!

I paid an additional $20 for the road traffic one. So, where and when there is traffic jam, they will inform me also! Nice!

Then again, I NEVER GO OUT WAN LEH, i always go out with ZY during weekends only, so this GPS is kinda redundant, hahaha!

Ya, i've got no friends, nobody ask me out. I need to go FB and post on everybody's wall and tell them i miss them and ask when they wanna meet-up liao!

I'm just kidding! ^^