Monday, July 11, 2011

The 29th Week

Alright, i can see baby Ho soon, in another 10 more weeks or so! I'm getting nervous cos there are alot of things undone. I should stop being so lazy & get my bum moving!

Just back from my gynae check-up and he gave me MC to rest at home today due to UTI. It was so bad till i can't control my bladder for the past 1 week & i've to visit the toilet so often, even when i'm sleeping. And the worse part is, i feel pain when i pee. Sometimes, even when i don't pee, there's also sudden pain, on & off.

I would still continue to ignore if it weren't my routine check-up today becos i thought maybe is due to the baby pressing against my bladder & thus, causing the pain & discomfort. You see, i have this problem with myself. I would never visit any doctor/gynae until it got really very serious or when i really cannot take it. Usually, i'll self-cure! =X (I know how to say my father, but i also inherited his gene. LOL) It's not the money that matters, i just feel troublesome to visit a doctor. I'll still go to work if it's just minor cough/flu/headache/mild fever whatever. Guess i'm just not born to be a princess!

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