Monday, July 18, 2011

Abalone Noodle @ JB

Sigh, my dad hor, is really the irritating sometimes. My aircon is still not okay yet, i'm still inside the sauna and already pekchek enough (plus insomnia last night). YET, he can still nag & nag, grumble & grumble about the aircon. FYI, i'm alone in this office and he's not affected by the aircon lor. Obviously i wanted to get it repaired asap if not i'm the one who suffer leh. Spare me the nagging lah. I'm gonna escape to another office later liao!

I'm damn busy this entire week, there's thing to do almost everyday lor. All the baby stuffs have been washed, now is time to buy my own stuffs liao. Sigh, SO BUSY!


My initial plan last Friday was to go JB with XS and friends for lok lok and movie. But my super lame husband gave me tons of super lame reasons not to let me go.

1) JB so dangerous!
2) The area you all going alot of drug addicts.
3) Later you kena kick on your tummy how?
4) Later you wanna give birth how? Later my child become M'sian how?


In the end, i didn't go. I went for porridge buffet with my family instead.

Then last night, my bro suggested to go JB for abalone noodle. I informed ZY and he still can ask me to 打包 crabs for him. So i asked him, "eh, u not worried i going to give birth there liao meh?".

FHL very very much right? TMD. On Friday worried that i'll give birth, then on Sunday not worried i'll give birth liao. =.=

So off we went lah! Bro, SIL, Bo, Mum, Raeann & me! One of the many reasons why i love staying at home = my life's more colorful! Hahaha! If i go CCK, ZY will only force me to sleep or watch him sleep!

A large bowl for everyone @ RM11 each. Large = 3 pcs abalone! LOL

Ordered an extra bowl to share! I must eat more & Raeann loves the noodle cos she finished up clean clean ah! Their kuay tiao is very nice cos very soft! Heehee

And when i reached home, there's a large pot of boiled birdnest waiting for me! Wooohoooo! How blessed! ZY bought the birdnest & mummy also bought. So when cooked, everyone get to eat! I've been eating it every week for the past few weeks. Life's good!

P/S : Believe it or not? Now i only post all the good things on this blog, people will also have things to say wan. In one sentence, "you can never please everyone" & when a person dislike you, no matter what you say/do, they have rubbish to say about you.


  1. So coincidence!! I was there last night too~ but quite late ard 9-10plus!!! yum yum .. small bow only 1pcs of abalone lor!

  2. so actually 'lok lok' is the shop name? or is a term which u guys name for the food?

    So the place is near where? ksm shopping mall?

  3. Sera,

    Wah, so qiao ah! We went in around 6+pm and reached home around 8+pm. Scare of jam lor~~

  4. Joyce,

    Lok lok is a kind of food, very famous in M'sia de but i don't know how to tell u leh.

    But this abalone noodle, the restaurant name is stated inside my pic, i also dunno where issit, but it's not far from custom lo~

  5. Lok Lok SG have... Outside STJAMES Food Republic. But SG one not nice!!!! and also very expensive lo!

  6. Sera,

    I rem my bro brought us to one restaurant selling lok lok in SG (around Katong area) too but closed down liao. Confirm exp in SG cos not common mah.

  7. if nice expensive nvm.. but is so -.-"" dont eat better hahaha

  8. Ok, thanks for letting me know so i won't even try it in future!!! =X


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