Monday, July 25, 2011

Fat baby!

Spent more than 2 hours at my gynae's clinic today, Dr Tho's business is doing very well, the clinic is always so packed. I intro-ed many friends there okay! Becos he's nice, good & his charges are damn reasonable. I gave birth to Raeann hor, i paid less than 1k in cash only. He won't anyhow chop de lor. Like just now i told him i wanna opt for full GA c-sect rather than natural birth, he asked me don't waste my money and he strongly discouraged it. He's a very nice gynae lah, otherwise i won't go back to him again.

Anyway, i was mistaken, i checked with him earlier, this baby is actually much heavier than Raeann as at 31 weeks. I thought baby is small & i stuffed myself with durian these 2 weeks. So, the extra weight i gained is actually not necessary becos baby is growing well & good. AIYO! I need to control my diet from today onwards cos doc says my weight is going up too fast! :( My legs has already started to swell as well. Here fat, there fat, everywhere fat fat!

P/S : Baby's head is facing down lo!!!

I'm already damn upset about my current weight & ZY still can ask me if i hitted 70kgs already! (Heng ah, still far from it!) He said he's only 60+ kgs, only ghost will believe lor. Never will i hit 70kgs and never will i go beyond his weight. NO WAY!

I'm so elated that baby is growing well, contented with what i have now. Gonna ask doc for another 3D scan the next visit! (I need not pay any extra $ for all my 3D scans.)

Was supposed to be on MC today but i'm here in the office now! Bery hardworking hor? LOL!

Ending this post with a pic of my 大宝贝! =D


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  3. hi may i knw where is ur gynae's clinic location ? thks :)


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