Sunday, July 31, 2011

First day of Lunar 7th Month 2011

I'm awake, at such hours cos of the toilet break and i've difficulty getting back to sleep, HATE IT. But i kinda expected it cos today, i drank SO MUCH water and had so little food intake (only ate 3-4 spoonful of rice for the whole day). I think all the water made me bloated and became no appetite.

Got dragged to Turf City early in the morning lor! =.=

Today's the first day of lunar 7th month, i was reminded to be home before 12am but i was home before 7pm cos ZY need to go various places to pray. I used this as an excuse not to go CCK & stay cos i told him i need to pray at home but end up, i fell asleep with Raeann before 11pm. =X

You know, i seemed to have this curse since don't know when. I will fall sick, very very sick during every lunar 7th month. I hope i don't get it this year, keeping my finger crossed.

Okay lah, finally feeling sleepy now. Good night!

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