Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's sauna time!!!

Let's see how long can i tahan today! By the way, i brought my own fan to work! Wahahahahaha! Already asked people to repair, just that the parts need to be ordered so earliest time to get it done will be tomorrow at 11am. LOL!

Anyway, there's a racial harmony event at Raeann's school tomorrow morning and parents are invited to join. There's like a mini carnival going on and food, drinks & books will be on sale! I already bought the tickets lo! I thought it's $1 per game/item, but no, the ticket is $1 but divided into 5 pcs (20c each) and each item is like 20c - 40c ONLY. Hahaha! I miss my Primary school days, noodles at 30c and so yummy. I really miss all my Primary school food becos all are so tasty, unlike my Sec school one, i can't remember which stall i frequent at all.

Oh, Bo told me something over whatsapp last night and i was kinda... agitated. But now ok liao lah. Just warned her not to post anything related to me on her blog/fb/wherever. You know, referrals don't lie! Not that i'm afraid to let people know stuffs about me, i didn't do anything wrong, there's nothing to be afraid about. Just that some people's mouth are really EVIL, better avoid lor. Later i fed-up then they go hide again leh! LOL

Yesterday evening, i told Sonia over whatsapp that i wish to work in town area or MNC companies becos i love to have lotsa colls. She was telling me that it's quite troublesome cos need to dress up. I love dressing up! Just that i work here (industrial area), dress up also nobody see, only some stray dogs & cats & uncles at the canteen. LOL

I was telling JJ about it, then she said, "maybe have leh, only you don't know". She said my office neighbour's son always jokingly told my bro that if only he wooed me, then we would become family, then can start business together, blah blah blah. HAHA!

Yes lah, for the past 8-10 years, i've been living BLINDLY. I don't interfere in other's business and i only blindly do my own things. I also don't anyhow talk to people, i don't interacts will my neighbours at all. I'M NOT A KPO JI MAH, why would i bother about what's happening to people & business not concerning me at all? Only life-less people do that what!!

WOW, i'm so HOT now. Why did the fan blow out hot air?! Stuffy die me! RAIN, please RAIN!!!

Edited : 3:50pm

MY AIRCON OKAY LIAO!!! Oh my god, i'm so fucking happy! Hahaha! My dad suddenly go & call his friend to come and see (i don't know about it) and he repaired it!!!!! That uncle got no reaction wan, talk to him no reaction. But whatever, as long as he repaired it, i respect him!

Asked my dad earlier, "who is this person huh?". He said, "my friend lor".



I think i slimmed down 2kgs liao.

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