Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Online shopping is a killer!

Currently doing some online shopping on an US website and all their stuffs are omg tempting. I've been adding things to cart while waiting for Karine to gimme her orders, maybe later. I shall blog now to divert my attention from there in the meantime. Cos i told myself not to exceed USD300 and now is already USD280+, delivery not included yet. By right, alot of items are on sales leh, how come i can buy so much huh? LOL

But you see, i buy sooo much stuffs for about S$300+, it's more worth than my hb modifying his car right? Some car parts are tiny and very expensive lor! Okay, i'm not guilty now. HAHAHA

Very random, but i think twin are very very cute. I just saw Gigi Lai's twin daughters, it's omg, cute max. But it won't be easy to handle twin without any help lor. Tsk! Anyway, all my friends should know, i've this favouritism for girls, baby girls. I don't know why, all along i'm like that. I love to see baby girls dolling up, so cute isn't it?

But i also don't why, my girl doesn't like to doll up, since baby. Whatever i put on her hair/head, she will pull it out! Now that she has grown up, worse, she wants to choose her own attires, styles & etc and it's more to the 'rock' & 'punk' side. *faint* Everyone says that maybe her kukubird accidentally fly away during birth. =.= She is not gentle, not soft spoken, not vain, not shy, everything also not. Sigh

However, she really dotes on me and will take care of me. Like when she's walking in front with her dad, she will slow down her pace to wait for me, open & wait at the door for me etc, very gentleman girl! Hahaha! No matter how angry i am, she has her ways to cheer me up lah. I guess, god sent her to me to make up for her dad, and then, her dad will make it up to her, just like a cycle. LOL

Her teacher drew it for her & everyone in the class. Don't have to queue & pay 20c! LOL

I think i'm kinda orbit cos i was only introduced to Henna during my teenage days. But Raeann gets to do it when she's not even 4! Ya lah, i know nowadays Primary School already started par-tor-ing liao. Why kids progress so fast nowadays? *stress*

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