Friday, July 22, 2011

Racial Harmony 2011 - 21st July

Dressed her up in Indian costume this year!

Quite sick of dressing her up in cheongsam cos she has been wearing it for the past few years! Few weeks ago, our angmo neighbour gave Raeann a big bag of costumes which consist of 2 x indian, SIA, 2 x ballerina, etc etc. I knew all these costumes doesn't come cheap lor, so nice of them! =) And this, it's in her favourite GREEN color, so she's willing to wear lor! Looks very fitting on her right?

I thought Raeann is too short for her age but seems like she's not the shortest, she's kind of the average size. The malay boy is her best friend, "ah fit" (don't know how to spell) , she always mention to us about him de.


Her current school will always invite parents to join in all their events/occassions/etc (bonding), which has it's pros and cons lah. Those who are working like me will not be able to take leave so often to join them and their kid will be left out cos alot of the parents are SAHM.

But by far, i've not missed out any single events yet lah cos i think if i didn't go, Raeann will be disappointed lor. Maybe becos i only have one kid, that's why i put in all my time & effort on her. Now, 2nd one's coming, i hope i can do the same too, to be fair to both of them.

All the stalls at the mini carnival.

Some owners are the parents of Raeann's classmates. Hahaha! Hence i must support them cos all of them knew me! ZY said if they approached him, he will sell ice cream there. Hahahaha! Like real hor? As if he can even wake up that early to prepare.

We spent all the $4 coupons within 10 minutes. ZY bought 2 'sng bao' & Raeann bought 1 at 20c each, i bought a packet of drink at 40c, Putu Mayam (don't know how to spell) at 60c, roti prata at 80c (everyone complain very exp, lol), 2 philippine style snacks at 60c each & 1 kachang puteh at 40c. LOL!

The HENNA drawing is only 20c and there was a long long queue becos all the parents also joined in to draw. Luckily Raeann never see else i'd have to queue up with her!

Actually, it's kinda cute to hold something lidat! Becos the kids really get to learn about other races' food and culture and enjoy at the same time! Thumbs up for the school to come up with this idea!

And i realised... ALL the teachers know Raeann very well & dote on her alot. One teacher from another class come and tell me that Raeann don't like people to call her Miss Ho becos she said her name is Raeann and not Miss Ho.

I'm glad that every school she attended or is attending, all the teachers love her alot, despite her stubborn & naughty character. Maybe this is call '人缘' bah!

That day, i saw her year 1 playgroup teacher at IMM whom has long transferred to another branch, i can recognise her but forgot her name. She called me out, "瑞恩妈妈". After so long, she still can remember Raeann and me, lol. I told her Raeann's very very naughty now but she told me, "but she's very smart, smart kids tend to be more naughty one". Sigh!

How? Would you prefer a smart but naughty kid or an average but obedient one?!

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