Thursday, July 28, 2011

Retail Therapy

Sometimes, you just have to spend to make yourself happy.

Finally placed our orders, but kinda worried it will tio tax now. Aiyo! Sonia said to play safe, better don't exceed S$300 but i mis-read and keep it within USD300 instead. So now after converting is around S$360. OMG lah, can the shipping be within S$40? AIYOYOYOYO

It's really difficult to keep within budget of S$400 leh, especially when the prices are so tempting!

I didn't know there are so many steps as this is the first time i'm ordering myself, usually it's my friends who helped me to order and i only need to pay them in SGD. Now i know... 辛苦你们了!

Bought quite a few extra items, let's see what can i give to my reader! :) Can't wait for the shipment to arrive, hope it will arrive before i'm due so that i can pass Karine her dresses. BO PI NO COCK UP, thank you!


My house got alot of durians now!!! So tempting but i can't eat! LOL

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  1. Can share which website you visited and placed the orders?


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