Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sibei kiasu!

Haha, i've already starting sourcing around for party favors & cakes for Raeann's birthday celebration in school, which falls on Sept, two months later! =X

I've no choice lor becos my due date is around that period of time leh. So i must get it done soon in order to let Raeann have a fun birthday but don't think i'll be able to join her this year. =(

Since i'm not be able to do a proper celebration for her, i must plan everything nicely before hand. I hope my precious1 will enjoy herself.

And and... i'm now re-considering to plan a baby shower party for precious2 becos i want to be fair to both my kids. I don't want them to grow up thinking i'm bias & unfair becos i'm really not sucha person. Well, it's not gonna be a big & grand party but maybe a small & quiet one whereby i'll just invite all my close friends & some relatives.


Baby shower party favor? Since precious2 is a bunny! =D


  1. hi, i am going to hatyai over the weekend, can you recomend shopping / activites places to go?

    Thanks in adv.

  2. Hmm, for night market, there are Greenway & Perk Thai. Floating market is more to food & fun fair, nothing much to buy.

    As for the rest, i don't know their name cos they brought us there.

    Try the restuarant i just recommend in my latest HDY post, their tomyum is GOOD!

    Enjoy your trip~!!

  3. Thank you for Sharing.

    Take care!


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