Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby's officially overweight!

Within 3 weeks, i gained 1.3kgs and my baby absorbed 0.8kgs, baby Ho is officially overweight!!! My gynae has warned me not to take too much carbo, sugar & etc stuffs. Aiyo, now even noodle and rice also must cut down. LOL

As at 34 weeks & 2 days, baby Ho weighs 2.5kgs and there are still about 6 weeks to go! =.= I reckon this baby will be fatter than Raeann at birth! Oh my, hope i've a smooth delivery!

But then again, thank god most of the weight is gained on the baby instead of myself this time round. So worried about my own weight lor, i wonder how to slim down later on! Sigh

Aiyo, Raeann really stick to me like a leech now, she wants to follow me everywhere i go. Even on Saturday, ZY sent me for waxing, she rather follow me into the salon and sit outside alone (cos all the therapists busy inside) to wait for me than to follow her dad to shopping. And she's so funny, she's like so worried that i'll leave by the backdoor or what, she kept calling me "mummy, are you there?" every 5 minutes. Hahahaha! And when i'm out, she said, "mummy, i sit there & watch tv, i never move or run here and there". Love her alot when she's sucha darling! Don't know how will she be when i go deliver hor? Sigh


As what my sis said, "with ZY around, we can never be skinny". LOL


  1. my son also weighed 2.5kg when he was 34wks old and when I delivered him at 39wk2d he was 3.32kg so don't worry :)

  2. Heehee, yours is a chubby baby. My gynae warned me becos he said if too big, labour will be more difficult for me. So i need to control, for my own gd as well. Very fat now! :(


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