Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Do you believe in horoscope?

Ever since i joined Twitter and i followed @ZodiacFacts, i've been quite hooked on horoscope and zodiac. Some of the facts that @ZodiacFacts posted are quite true man!

Just now, a sec sch friend posted this on his facebook...


I'm a Cancer, ZY is a Scorpio & Raeann is a Virgo.

So, Sagittarius, Aries & Pisces are selfish and mean people huh? LOL

I'm the most sincere and true lover. Whahahahaha!

No wonder ZY & Raeann so alike, becos they're both the kind who treat friends better than family.

P/S : I don't know how true is this, just posting it for fun. I don't know when/who is Sagittarius, Aries or Pisces, i only know my own horoscope and it's only recently then i asked ZY his one and found out about Raeann's one.


  1. Im a sagittarus. Thank you hor.

  2. LOL! Paiseh lah, i also don't know when is Sagittarius lor!! Buay zhun de lah~

  3. Is ok. At least i know why im stil single. LOL!

  4. Yes, something is wrong with Sagi... They live in outterspace, live in their own world:( And Gosh, my son is a sagi!!!!! Hopefully and praying that he will be an exceptional!!!

  5. LOL! Oscar's mummy, i just found out that my bff, XS is also a Sagi. LOL! HAHAHA

    Well, Sagi's character (if according to XS) is those very 'xiao sha', very heck care & daring type.

    Pros and cons lor~

  6. LOL! Yeah XY! LEO are true and honest friends! This is so-you!!!

  7. Hahaha.. The characteristic reminds me of one incident. Few of my past employees are sagi. One of them often report late (like 1 hr) for work, constantly on leave and mc. When I asked her to leave, she have the cheek to ask in which way had she offended me. Really fit into the description of 'heck care and daring'. But one thing abt thing is that they dun have much 'xin ji'. They come up with 'nonsense' becos they truly thought what they did or behaved has nothing wrong. So who to judge them? So I can only say, they came from outterspace cos they see things differently from most people:(


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