Thursday, August 25, 2011

I ♥ Taipei!

My husband has been telling me that he wanted to go Taiwan again, to pray, eat, shop & etc. Then i thought back, was it 2008 or 2009 that we went that time? I searched this entire blog, can't seems to find any post related to Taiwan at all. So i went to search my old blog (which is locked), okay, i found it. We went on 28th April 2008 for our 'belated honeymoon'.

ZY said he wanna go again next year, either on March or April. This time round, he said wanna bring Raeann along (nightmare sia). I told him to go himself becos ah, his programs very boring de, he will force me to go zoo again! =,=


So many people told me, go Taipei must visit their clubbing spots, to see see look look. But if i go with him (even without Raeann), he won't wanna go clubbing becos he's such an ah pek. He said it's cos he doesn't wanna go with me, me too, don't wish to go with him. =X


The longest cable car ride, and most probably the cheapest too!


The most beautiful temple i've ever been to.


The best thing i ate at Taipei! =D

Seeing all these pics really bring back alot of memories...

I miss Taipei! ♥


  1. Keke... i miss taipei too! Especially its my first overseas trip and our belated honeymoon since we married. But i can't tahan the food there, not to my liking.
    Hopefully next time got money, i want go HK! hehehe

  2. Same leh, not to me and ZY's liking as well. I thought it's only us cos TV always shown Taiwan food until so nice wor.

    But when we were there, we seldom eat cos we don't really like the food there. No chilli sauce de lor! =,=

  3. hello,

    I have been reading your blog few months back ago. Now reading your past post. :)
    By the way, i agree with you and Krissy. The foods there also not to me and my family's liking. But the 主持人 will always show until the food taste very nice.. And some more no chilli sauce. -_-

  4. Hahaha, YES, they have no chilli, it sucks! 原来 so many people dislike Taiwan food, i tot i'm the only one.

  5. Haha. becoz we kana 骗 by the Tv host. Or maybe their taste is very different from us. :)


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