Friday, August 12, 2011

Pet Hotel is waste of time!!!

However ah, both me and ZY are kinda hooked on it. He claimed that he's so pro in playing games (yes, he is whereas i'm a TOTAL noob in playing games) and he got alot of 'tricks' to earn money & XP fast (but i'm far far ahead of him now). Whahahahaha! But frankly speaking hor, this game is really waste of time wan. Raeann went to install it herself and started snatching my phone to play. So her very nice daddy also installed it in his phone and started playing himself. LOL

After much procrastinations, i finally booked an appointment tomorrow to do my brizillian waxing. It's really like, FINALLY lor. Cos for months, i can't seem to find an appropriate time to go and do and when i'm finally free, is either i'm too lazy to get out of the house or i failed to get an appointment. SO yeah! F.I.N.A.L.L.Y! Thanks to Tricia for introducing me this new parlour, i used to visit Strip de but... well... for don't know what reason i decided not to go there this time! *shrug*


Her hair FINALLY grew longer. Tong-ed it for her the other day, heehee!

Don't know why her hair take ages to grow whereas mine grow so fast lor!

I think she's into the MONSTER FOUR stage now, and with her dad around, she needs to be caned everyday, why har? Then ZY blamed me for not teaching her well (see? my fault again lor). =,= But she's not lidat when he's not around leh, maybe she is but not this bad. Sigh

And hor, that day i spoke to my mum, i finally understand what she is thinking. Becos i always say her for spoiling Raeann, makes me very difficult to discipline. I mean, i'm like the ONLY ONE doing the discipline when EVERYONE else is literally spoiling her lor. Understand my spot?

But she told me, "人老了就是要有孙陪". WHICH IS TRUE! And if she's too strict, Raeann don't wanna find her how? WHICH IS ALSO TRUE!

Nowadays kids are very smart, they know who are their 'mountains' and who can be 'bullied'. So if you're too strict with them, they won't want to find you lor (unless you're the parents or care-giver).

Honestly speaking lah, my mum is those moderate type of spoiling, my MIL is then the 'extreme' type lor, which i'm very scare. And with all the combine powers, i really teach/discipline until vomit blood lor. Sigh


HAHAHA, she drew this!

She said, "oh i forgot to draw ANTENNA for my butterfly". LOL


  1. Lols! Amby's hair also grow very slow~ =.=" her hair length now is since 4mths old until with occasionally trimming =.=" and her hair is 翘, lagi worse cant even see whether got long anot

  2. 4 months? LOL! I think i started growing Raeann's hair when she's ard 2 yrs+ and until now, it's still so short! =,=

    And the worse is, my mum keep asking me to cut short short for her as she doesn't like to tie but i insisted not to. Then she will secretly bring her to trim, HAHAHAH!

    Raeann lah, she keep saying she wanna cut her dad's hairstyle, ask her ah ma bring her go cut. =.=

  3. Lols urs 1year plus this length ok... mine ever since 4mths botak until now =.=" i heard gt myth if the kid's aunt buy socks and give them wear hair will grow faster and nicer hahahaha! u can go try.. i told my sil go buy one pair for Amby le.. like gt abit effect hahahaha or is ownself think too much haha!

  4. HAHAHAHA, really meh? Okay, i go ask my sis to buy. LOL


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