Wednesday, August 17, 2011

R.I.P. girl!

I've been hesistating to blog about this, becos i think i don't have the right to judge and nobody knows the truth behind it. Everytime i hear or think about her, my heart feel so 寒 and pain even though i've only seen her a few times. The last time was probably this CNY!

She was my bro's good friend and my bro has been trying to dig out the truth behind her suicide. We think she isn't that sort whom will go commit suicide, since she has family, a good career, good friends around & etc, why would she wanna end her life in sucha way? It has been a week, my family still can't get over this matter. It's like anytime of the everyday, we will talk about it and we'll always end the conversation very sadly.

I hope the truth will prevail asap. If her death is really caused by someone, please let justice be brought. And most importantly, please let her rest in peace. What done and said now can't bring her back anymore, the only thing we can help is pray for her to rest in peace.

一路好走, Cartecious. You'll always be remembered!

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