Friday, September 30, 2011

Confinement Party

It's so nice catching up with old friends, friends of 14 yrs. Last evening, three secondary school good friends came to visit me & Raechelle. (Told aunty before hand & she prepared a table of delicious food for us! Thank u aunty! I think i'll miss her and her food loads when my confinement ends.) We just have TOO MUCH to catch up lor, we ended the "party" at only 12am. Most of us are married with kids already, time really flies. We misses the time when we're still schooling lor! We chatted from school time admirers & boyfriends to marriage & kids, never-ending topics. NICE!

Actually, other than a little bored everyday & cannot go out, MY CONFINEMENT ROCKS lah! If confinement minus the rule of having to cope at home everyday, i seriously don't mind having such confinement for 2-3 months leh. LOL


My mum passed me this yesterday, she asked me to drink as much as i can. If not enough, go home and take somemore. LOL! First time i heard confinement must drink Cordon Bleu leh! I'm so lucky to be my parent's daughter.

Oh btw, i've slimmed down 9kgs as of yesterday, not too bad, at least i see some results. Hope to slim down another few more kgs by the end of my confinement. And the rest, within the next 2 months! I WILL DO IT LAH! Very upset to see my past photos, more upset to hear people say they cannot recognise me! :(

I really wonder why must woman go through all these? Don't feel appreciated at all! *sad life*

(Reminding myself to 看开~ 看开~)

Well, at least i've got very lovely parent who dote me lots! And of cos, my two darling cartoon daughters!

Somehow, i realised, having kids is really a heng & sway thingy. Some couples get along well, but after having kid, they break up. Some couples always fight but willing to compromise for the sake of their kid, which is like my case.

Me and ZY both agreed that, without Raeann, we would have long ago divorced, and most probably, started our own families by now. It's true! I told him, i would give anything up for them, so don't pin any hope that if anything happen, i'll give them to him (unless i die lah). He, himself too, would do anything for them. We both have only one goal - give the best to our kids. As for other issues, we don't really bother anymore. Talk about love? Nah, i don't think there's still love between us anymore, but only love for our kids. Does it happens to any of you here too? Or my marriage is a more special case? (We both don't like to stay together. LOL)

P/S : I'm going to see my precious Raeann soon~ So happy!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My pretty meimei!

Here i'm trying every possible means to slim down, there she is worrying that i didn't get enough tonic, asking aunty to cook this cook that for me. My mum called me in the noon, said she's bringing a bottle of Cordon Bleu here to ask aunty boil it with black chicken for me. Wah seh, this is ultra 'bor', i wonder how i slim down lidat? Xiaoshan will definately love it, shall ask her here to share the love with me. LOL

P/S : Btw, aunty's cooking is delicious! How to resist?!

Own mum is the BEST! Agree?

How my mum loves me = how i will love my own kids. How i treat my mum = how my kids will treat me in future. This is all in a cycle, calls Karma. I strongly believe in that!

Just woke up from nap becos i slept late last night but wake up damn early today, to pump. Breast engorgement is no fun, pain until i can't sleep. No wonder they said breast feeding is the best way to slim down. Pump and pump and pump, until sleep deprived, as good as taking care of baby. Gonna go pump again after blogging! LOL

Okay, some pics of meimei before i go...


Meimei has all the features that i always desired!


Is that called a dimple?


Love her eyes!


My sweet Raechelle!

Everyone is saying that she's much prettier than Raeann at birth. Yes, i agree, Raeann wasn't born a pretty baby, even till now, she doesn't belongs to the 'pretty' category. But both are my kids, i don't wanna compare them cos both are the apples of my eyes, no matter how they looks like.

Then this Raeann very funny, she told me last week, "每个人讲我比妹妹美 leh". LOL

ZY told me last night that he actually missed Raeann alot. I asked him why? Cos he doesn't used to stay with us, we only meet once a week. He said it's cos during the waiting period (maybe about 1 mth), he came to stay with us and so, he's used to Raeann sleeping by his side liao.

In fact, we're still very unfamiliar with meimei, need time to get used to her. Alright, i need to remember that we're a family of 4 now! :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

When the sisters meet for the first time...

Raeann was here over the weekend, that's why i didn't have the time and chance to blog when i've so much things i wish to pen down. When she's around, i'm always busy & time passes so fast but i feel happier. Now, i gotta bear with another 4 & half days before i get to see her again. I'm sucha weako, i thought she will cry when she leaves, but it's actually me who weeped! :(

So happy that Raeann loves her sister so much! Thankful for sucha sensible daughter. Whatever we told her, she listened. Missing her badly now...


My lil' army girl!



She asked me to teach her how to write all our names. I spelt, she wrote everything by herself, only her own name she can write without any help! Look at her tired face! Cos it's very late liao and she didn't nap! She refused to sleep cos she wanna talk to me, about her school and everything. It's our daily routine to do so!


Raeann took this pic for her meimei. LOL! Her height level...


瑞瑄 @ 5 days old!



Their first 2 pics taken together! My 2 sweeties - my life, my everything!

My dad gave me a surprise when he came to visit me (with mummy, bro & SIL) yesterday. If you know about him, he's one who don't do sucha thing. I'm happy, of cos! But sad when they left, how i wish i can go back with them too. I hate goodbyes!

Don't get me wrong, it's not a torture staying here. On the contrary, i'm living like a queen now, focusing on doing my confinement well; eating & sleeping well. But i really miss Raeann and my family, alot.

Just started doing my massage today, it's OMG tight, hot and itchy. For the sake of slimming down, i need to tolerate!! YES, I CAN DO IT! This massage lady was introduced by Tricia and Agnes but when she arrived just now, i realised she's the one who massaged for me 4 years ago (I don't know why and how i lost her contact number!)! She still remember me!!! She said that it's fate we get to meet again. LOL! What a small world!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Just now, Raechelle latched on until she fell asleep, and she's still sleeping soundly till now. So happy that my milk supply is getting more and it's enough for her. Aunty asked me to drink more longan tea to have more milk, so i'm drinking very hardworkingly now!

I've more patience to breast feed this time becos i've ample sleep at night. I feel that it's a MUST to have a confinement lady unless there's someone helping you. Do not look after baby yourself for 24 hours during the confinement month, definately go crazy wan. It feels damn good to have un-disturbed sleep throughout the night (ie: without any toilet break)!

Starting my massage this coming Monday! Can't wait man, i'm still looking like 4-5 months preggie now lor. I asked Dr Tho if there's still another one inside that he forgot to take out, why am i still so fat? LOL!

Raeann called me just now, like finally she's missing us! LOL! She said she wanted to come and see her meimei, still thinking if i should let her come over the weekends becos my parent miss her dearly too and wanted to bring her back. Oh yah, i need to bring Raechelle back to the hospital for review tomorrow morning!

Gonna go pump milk now!

Home Sweet Home ♥

Today has finally ended, we're back at CCK for my one month confinement... Dreadful (partly becos confinement sucks) but still much better than staying in the hospital! Confinement lady is here, everything was in a mess cos it's my first time having a confinement lady around, plus i'm super unfamiliar here, i don't know where are those stuffs placed. Thank god there are people around, helping me to buy things which i forgot & stuffs which i don't know! :)

ZY is complaining that Raeann simply forgotten about us already, hahaha! It's good that she's happy at my aunt's place lah, even though i really miss her alot, miss her cheekiness, hugs and kisses! At times, i do have the urge to bring her here and look after her myself, but i really got no confident to handle two becos i'm currently breast feeding. My milk supply is still not enough yet and i've to take very long time to feed. Tired like hell! I wonder how long i can take it!

It's sucha tiring process and i never expect i've to go through it again, i hope everything's worthwhile. Counting down to Oct 16, Raechelle's baby shower!


She loves to frown like her daddy!



Thankful for my two cutie pies! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby Raechelle 2nd day on earth!

Omg, my whole body is aching, badly, can't sleep well at all here, I wanna go home!!! I miss Raeann so much, glad to hear that she's very happy staying with my aunty now.

Guess I should be the most energetic mummy around. Instead of bed rest, i keep walking here & there to see my precious2, even though my cb is still in pain! I hope the stitch won't tear, lol!

Today, baby Rui Xuan is so hungry, everytime I push her back, she cry for food. Fatty girl she is, think she's the biggest in size among all in there now.

I'm counting down till tomorrow morning to be discharged. Can't wait!

P/S : Don't know what happen today, all the nurses that came all said I look very fair & my complexion very good. Only today!!! (I didn't wash my face leh)

P/P/S : I'm very sick of confinement food liao. One month to go... :(

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Thanks everyone for your blessing & concern, I've given birth this morning to a healthy baby girl at 3.445kgs, 52cm naturally without epidural.

(LOL, my waterbag burst at home lor, ZY was speeding like 150km/h to rush me to hospital at 5+am.)

I was lucky cos I dilated very fast, my labour was around 2 hours only. God is very kind to me! Otherwise, I think i'd have already gave up or fainted using laughing gas only. Moreover, ZY wasn't by my side when I go through the whole procedure!

This time round, I went through everything without any numbness. Therefore, I can literally "feel" what's going on.

The feeling of your baby's head stuck at your cb halfway, SUPER KICK lor, like the cb bursting!!! Then the feeling of doctor stitching it up, also kick de. It's so much differences with epidural on. Now, I'm bearing the pain of those stitches, why must woman give birth? :(

I'm actually very tired but I can't get to sleep at all, I wonder why. Then everyone was saying that I don't look or sounds like I've just given birth, so I can give birth to a few more! =,= Hmm, how does people who just give birth look or sounds like? I think my threshold of pain is damn high lah. But I'm not going to give birth to more okay! It's not fun!

Raeann called & chatted with me just now, she was laughing so happily, keep saying she wanna talk to her sister, wanna listen to her sister's voice. So cute! I'll miss her loads!!

To those who are concern...

Okay, i sense it coming. The pain, wakes me up. I had wanted to ignore and sleep it through but it's so painful that i can't bring myself to sleep now. Waiting for the water to be hot and i shall go bathe and proceed to admit.

I can't bear to leave my Raeann lah! So emo right now! =`(

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crucial Night

Managed to 'tahan' through another day, it will be 18th after 12am, exactly 10 days before the actual EDD. I've a feeling... that it will be tonight, becos Raeann also came out 10 days before her actual EDD, alot of friends told me it will likely be the same! Aiyo! I hope to 'tahan' until 21st leh! Can i?

Everyone, yes, literally alot of people are so anxious, calling or messaging my mum, aunt, mil, me & ZY every now and then to check if i've delivered. Even my office's canteen stalls' owners & "clear table" aunty are all so concern as well. I didn't have to make any announcement, people just noticed that i'm not around and they will ask. This is then termed a nice person!

P/S : It's only a fine line between a nice person & an attention seeker.

Heehee, my hubby and daughter are laughing so loudly becos they're watching 大世界 now.

Gonna join them already, blog again soon~

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mixed feeling!

After the check-up today, i felt so confused throughout the whole day...

Happy, becos my baby's growing well and good, at a horrible 3.7+kgs now. I've gained 800g since last week and my baby absorbed 700+g out of it. Dr Tho got a big shock and double checked it for me. And he touched my tummy, it's solid hard. My baby is huge, that's for sure. Even if there's a plus minus difference, i can confirm that this one is definately heavier than Raeann!

He wanted me to admit and induce today becos he said if the baby exceed 4kgs, might have to do c-sect, which he doesn't wish to do it for me. But then, i'm already dilated 1-2cm, which means, i'll give birth within these 2 days, which he hopes so. But i wish i can tahan till as long as i can!

Emo, becos it means i gotta be seperated from Raeann for some time!!! *sob* I actually teared inside the car when i thought of this during the noon! :( Becos we're so attached to each other, she's the one sleeping beside me almost everyday for the past 4 years, i wonder how to take it when i can't see her for a month plus? That's probably the reason why i didn't want baby to come out so soon.

There are alot differences between my two pregnancies (biggest diff is the shape of my tummy; one round, one sharp). Of cos, this 2nd one, the time passed faster and i'm more cheerful & optimistic. I didn't cry like the first time, me & ZY seldom have arguements this time round too, which explains why i'm about 3kgs heavier than my first pregnancy (gosh, pls let me slim down easily after this)? Other than this, i can't think of any reason with regard to my rapid weight gain liao. Or, the weighing machine could be faulty? LOL

And i remember so vividly that i was anxiously anticipating for Raeann to come out during the 'waiting period', asking her when will she be out everyday. But this one, everyday "i hope i don't give birth today". Honestly, i've been asking my baby not to come out so soon! I think i'm crazy. Cos it's actually very torturing at this moment, it would be a relieve if i could give birth asap, but i didn't want to! Weird me!

Whatever it is, i pray for a smooth, fast & easy delivery (that's what Tricia taught me, lol)!!! And i can get everything over and done with asap, be it the labour pain, recovery, confinement, etc etc!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Still waiting...

Eh, hi everyone!

Nope, i haven give birth yet, still waiting for baby to knock! Meanwhile, i'm enjoying my life now, spending ample time with ZY & Raeann, so enjoy till i don't wish to go into labour yet, although carrying this huge tummy around is sucha hindrance. HEAVY LEH! (Baby should be 3++ kgs by now, tomorrow going to gynae again.)

But seriously, i couldn't care less man. I go out almost everyday with ZY, from morning till evening, i also didn't bother about when will the contraction pain comes. LOL

Everyday, we've been receiving calls, asking if i've given birth already, hahahaha. Why is everyone so anxious when i'm not? I'm not in the hurry to give birth yet, let me enjoy while it last! As i know, after baby's out, i'm gonna go through hell again! :(

Okay lah, gonna go to bed now, both of them snoring so loudly now, make me sleepy liao! Hahaha

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Raeann!

My Miss Raeann Ho turns 4 today!!!


Happy Birthday, my dearest one!

Hope you can be more 乖 & 听话, stay safe & healthy forever!


Daddy & Mummy' 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Raeann is 4 (pre-celebration) - Thank you message! =D

The party has come to an end! Thank you to those who attended, you guys made my girl so happy today, your presences made a great difference! And not forgetting those gifts & angbaos, thank you so much! We really appreciate it! =D Sorry if i didn't play a good host! I wasn't as shag as ZY becos he's the one doing the BBQ but i was damn hot & stuffy!!!

(ZY said there are lots of left-over cos we bought about $400 worth of food! LOL)

***HAHAHA! Raeann deleted some very expensive builts from ZY's Pet Hotel and he's kpkb-ing right now. He asked her to delete mine too. LOL



The most worth & satisfying purchase! It's quite yummy (the guests said so)!

$32 for 1 KG, additional $2 for durian filling!!!

I'm kinda surprise cos i thought the 'head' area are all made of cream. But hell no! The cream is very thin layer only, the cake is the shape of a Smurf head. Gosh, they're good! So worth it lor! Everyone got shocked when i tell them the price! Shared the contact with them too! (Sometimes i think i'm sucha genius! LOL #selfpraise) ***Thank you bro for helping me to collect!


She's really very happy today, caught a video of her laughing & laughing away when they sang her a birthday song! :)


The forever sweet & cutie pie, Ashlyn.

Getting prettier as she gets older! She's damn petite & gentle, love her so much lor!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Time flies, it's Saturday already, one week school holiday passes just lidat, Raeann's birthday home party is today!!! Went to 24 hours Fairprice last night and bought $250 worth of food and that's just round one, ZY's buying the 2nd round today! And guess what? We didn't invite anyone, the food are only for family members. I think we're mad? LOL


Wake up early in the morning to pump balloons! I didn't know pumping balloons is that tedious! OMG!


She said she wanna decorates her balloons! SO UGLY! =X

I feel happy becos my precious1 is so happy today. But on the other hand, i'm scare cos i'm not prepared to go into labour yet, not ready to accept those nightmares, why must time passes so fast? :(

Nightmare #1) Labour & Pain
Nightmare #2) Recovery
Nightmare #3) Confinement
Nightmare #4) Looking after baby
Nightmare #5) SLIMMING DOWN (the hardest)

Scary man! Can i do it, again? *fingers crossed*

Ok lah, gotta go help out with the food preparations now!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shag out!

Super duper tired with a mega backache now! Have been going out early and getting home late for the past 4 days, tired max! Told ZY i wanted to rest at home tomorrow while he go & settle his car. After that then come back and pick me to go and buy Saturday's party food. But, he's pleading me to go with him tomorrow. AIYO! Really is tired de lor!

I should be sleeping now but still doing my very last piece of slimming face mask, becos my face is so fat now, FML! Even Raeann said so... sigh! Wanted to replenish the mask but it's out of stock now, can't wait for Karine to inform me of the stock arrival!!! Me want a slimmer face!!!! And body!!!!!!

Anyway, make a guess where we went for dinner just now??? (Those following my tweets not counted, lol)



Delicious mini cupcakes! DAMN CUTE!


I asked Raeann to take a pic with her daddy, but she forced her daddy to pretend to sleep inside the pic. LOL! She does that everytime! Act sleeping until so real sia! Forever one cheeky lil' girl! Buay tahan her!


Everyone is saying that she looks more and more like ZY now, which i also think so. I wonder why har? She faces me more than she faces him, she should look like me right? My husband is so proud & happy that she looks like him lor! Looks like him, character like him, pattern like him, dressing like him & hobbies also same as him...

Happiness is...


They're wearing exactly the same top, if you noticed.

Raeann is always damn happy when she gets to wear the same clothes with her daddy! But she won't be that happy if i force her to wear the same dress with me! =.=


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Biore Marshmallow Whip

Sponsored Review


Guess what is this???


Yes yes, it's the latest Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash.


The unique about this product is, you don't have to put in time and effort to lather for foam (it's not easy by the way) as dense, soft, smooth & bouncy foam is dispensed with just one pump.


For your info, Foam is the secret behind effective, gentle cleansing.

Ideal foam is……

  1. Consistent
  2. Dense and don’t drip even when flipped upside down
  3. Smooth and bouncy
  4. Very small bubbles

Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash contains collagen for moisturising and it's ultra fine foam has better cleaning ability as bubble is less than the size of pores.

I used to work for a certain cosmetic brand after my 'O' level and they required me to learn how to lather foam by using their sponge. It's such a boring process and it doesn't guarantee success everytime!

Time is money, why should we waste time on such procedures everyday? This is so so so much convenient!!

And and... my face doesn't feel tight & dry after washing. It's tested and proven! Plus, i'm totally addicted to it's scent!!!!!!  


Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash is available at all major supermarkets and medical stores @ only $13.90!!!!!!!



Play the Biore Marshmallow Whip game now to win attractive prizes!




Get as many points as you can within 30 seconds!

Our first 3D movie - The Smurfs

Finally get the chance to sit down in front of my laptop, to blog and reply to comments! Even though i've already went on ML, i'm so so so so busy lor, even more busy than working days! Busy going out with ZY & Raeann, fulfilling every promises we made to her before i go and give birth. I'm so worried that she will cry on the day i leave for the hospital, making me cry with her too (which i think it will happen, definately)! :(

***A lil' update about precious2 : Just went for heartbeat test earlier and doc says very healthy, so grateful for that. God, thank you for everything! But ZY kept asking baby not to come out so soon as he's busy with house shifting & his car now. HAHA! Heard that, baby? That's the thing about opting for natural birth (i've never wanted to) lor. You won't know when your baby decided to come & knock on your door and all you can do is to wait, wait & wait. That's what i'm doing right now lor, wait & wait, si bei sian, can't plan anything ahead at all!

Seriously, i'm thankful for what ZY is doing right now, spending time with us, rejecting his billiard dates, helping me with Raeann, i truely appreciates everything! It's true that you'll feel happier when you're contented with everything you have. Right now, i put my family in front of everything & if my family is happy, i feel happy too! :)

Yesterday, we brought Raeann to iluma for The Smurfs in 3D! Our first 3D movie in SG! All along, we only watched 2D movies cos we find wearing that spec is sucha hassle! But i guess we were wrong! 3D movie is actually not bad!!! And, the cinema in iluma is very spacious & comfortable, although people told me their price is higher as compared to others, but i think it's worth it leh!


The Smurfs is sucha fantastic movie!!!!!!!!!!

Despite being very tired, Raeann stayed awake throughout the whole movie! And at the last part when Smurfs are returning back to their 'hometown', she teared. Means, she actually understands what's the movie about! But one thing lah, if she's not sleeping, she kept asking questions, alot of questions. Aiyo! 

Anyway, i planned for a mini celebration for Raeann this coming Saturday at home! And... a 2.5D (according to Michelle, haha) very cute Smurf cake at a really cheap price, you will never guess how much cos it's too cheap! Anyone interested to know, you can email me, i'll be glad to share the place, price & pic with you! ^^

Yesterday hor, this Raeann very funny again! When we reached home, my bomb head neighbour asked her, "your birthday on the 12th right? auntie buy something for you ok? what do you want?". Raeann jitao reply without any hesistation, "ok, i wan iPad". HAHAHAHA!

Me, ZY, my mum & dad all laughed out loud. Nobody expect such an answer from her lor. Damn funny lah! That auntie jitao dumb founded! You see lor, nowadays 4 yrs old kid don't play with Barbie dolls, toy cars & etc liao. They played with all the gadgets now! Her daddy just bought a pink PSP for her as birthday present. Now, she's asking for iPad! I wonder what will she ask for when she reaches Primary School? Spoilt brat she is. And, she don't know how to protect her belongings yet, anyhow throw, end up it's me who is doing the 'protection' for her lor! =,=

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Raeann's banana cake!

My lil' chef is zzz-ing soundly right now, must be tired out from the baking earlier on...

Few weeks ago, i promised to do a baking session with her before i due and we did so today!!!

Mai siao siao okay, she did most of the work! I only helped her to get ready the ingredients, measure & give instructions while she poured, mixed and blended it all herself...


Went to get this apron for her! So cute hor!



Act like reading the receipe... hahaha!


The ingredients!


Raeann : "I'm gonna bake now, stop asking me to pose for pictures liao". LOL! (She really said that!)

Chef Raeann @ work now!


Mix mix mix, blend blend blend!


Very serious hor? Heehee


She got very frustrated that i kept taking pictures! LOL


Done with the mixing & blending!


Pouring into mould!


Ready to bake!


The result!


This is actually the 2nd bake, first one was too chao-ta on the outside liao but the inside is damn soft. However, even though it's chao-ta, it's quite nice leh! LOL! Not too sweet, just nice lor! Raeann ate her own creation and said, "wah, atas ah!". Wahahaha! Self-praising herself! Don't know where she learnt so many zhap-ba-lang languages sia!