Friday, September 23, 2011


Just now, Raechelle latched on until she fell asleep, and she's still sleeping soundly till now. So happy that my milk supply is getting more and it's enough for her. Aunty asked me to drink more longan tea to have more milk, so i'm drinking very hardworkingly now!

I've more patience to breast feed this time becos i've ample sleep at night. I feel that it's a MUST to have a confinement lady unless there's someone helping you. Do not look after baby yourself for 24 hours during the confinement month, definately go crazy wan. It feels damn good to have un-disturbed sleep throughout the night (ie: without any toilet break)!

Starting my massage this coming Monday! Can't wait man, i'm still looking like 4-5 months preggie now lor. I asked Dr Tho if there's still another one inside that he forgot to take out, why am i still so fat? LOL!

Raeann called me just now, like finally she's missing us! LOL! She said she wanted to come and see her meimei, still thinking if i should let her come over the weekends becos my parent miss her dearly too and wanted to bring her back. Oh yah, i need to bring Raechelle back to the hospital for review tomorrow morning!

Gonna go pump milk now!


  1. Babe,
    eat more fish! it helps in milk supply =)

  2. Heehee, yes yes eating and eating non stop, don't know how to slim down sia. LOL

  3. Nvm la...take less rice...dishes take more is ok...since u supply for raechelle must eat more to help on supply...

    Jia You...

  4. Ya lor, from today onwards, i'll take one spoonful of rice only. Cannot don't take rice, aunty very difficult to cook lidat! LOL


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