Friday, September 30, 2011

Confinement Party

It's so nice catching up with old friends, friends of 14 yrs. Last evening, three secondary school good friends came to visit me & Raechelle. (Told aunty before hand & she prepared a table of delicious food for us! Thank u aunty! I think i'll miss her and her food loads when my confinement ends.) We just have TOO MUCH to catch up lor, we ended the "party" at only 12am. Most of us are married with kids already, time really flies. We misses the time when we're still schooling lor! We chatted from school time admirers & boyfriends to marriage & kids, never-ending topics. NICE!

Actually, other than a little bored everyday & cannot go out, MY CONFINEMENT ROCKS lah! If confinement minus the rule of having to cope at home everyday, i seriously don't mind having such confinement for 2-3 months leh. LOL


My mum passed me this yesterday, she asked me to drink as much as i can. If not enough, go home and take somemore. LOL! First time i heard confinement must drink Cordon Bleu leh! I'm so lucky to be my parent's daughter.

Oh btw, i've slimmed down 9kgs as of yesterday, not too bad, at least i see some results. Hope to slim down another few more kgs by the end of my confinement. And the rest, within the next 2 months! I WILL DO IT LAH! Very upset to see my past photos, more upset to hear people say they cannot recognise me! :(

I really wonder why must woman go through all these? Don't feel appreciated at all! *sad life*

(Reminding myself to 看开~ 看开~)

Well, at least i've got very lovely parent who dote me lots! And of cos, my two darling cartoon daughters!

Somehow, i realised, having kids is really a heng & sway thingy. Some couples get along well, but after having kid, they break up. Some couples always fight but willing to compromise for the sake of their kid, which is like my case.

Me and ZY both agreed that, without Raeann, we would have long ago divorced, and most probably, started our own families by now. It's true! I told him, i would give anything up for them, so don't pin any hope that if anything happen, i'll give them to him (unless i die lah). He, himself too, would do anything for them. We both have only one goal - give the best to our kids. As for other issues, we don't really bother anymore. Talk about love? Nah, i don't think there's still love between us anymore, but only love for our kids. Does it happens to any of you here too? Or my marriage is a more special case? (We both don't like to stay together. LOL)

P/S : I'm going to see my precious Raeann soon~ So happy!!!


  1. Eh why must drink cordon bleu? Is it for some special purpose?

  2. What will happen when Ur house come? Still in stay together?? Or better rent the whole house put & earn $$!

  3. Desiree,

    Erm, not sure also. My mum asked me to drink then i drink lor. LOL

  4. HuiShan,

    I also dunno leh, never go think about it too. Just 'kan zhe ban' ba!

  5. but if no love, why still got your current bb?

  6. Ooh.. Funny leh.. Cos when my bestie was having confinement she told me she drank yomeishu.. Sorry if i spell it wrongly.. Hehe can ask your mum for me? Cos I am curious leh.. If good I also wanna drink next time when I have confinement:) hehe! Seeing your Mei Mei I feel like having a daughter myself also... Sooooooooooooo cutey cute:)

  7. Heehee Desiree,

    I'll ask for u tomorrow when my mum's here. But if i'm not wrong, they have the same kind of 'function', just that Cordon Bleu is more 'BU' kind!

    Yeah yeah, i love girl girl~ :)

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    Some things are better to be left unsaid here, as it concerns my family's privacy. :)

  9. hi joanne, i think love is an over-rated and much-commercialized idea/ideal/concept. marriage is more than just love. it's also about affection, companionship, mutual respect & a conscious commitment to each other, and of course, to your children. with a solid foundation like your mutual commitment to your children, the rest can be nurtured slowly over time. you just have to keep working at it. =) jia you!!

  10. I agree with what u say Roanne!!! :)

  11. Thanks!!!! Let me know when u asked your mum:) hehehe!!! If more bu then I will drink cordon bleu.. Hehehe!

  12. I wished my hb can be like ur hb but too bad he loves himself more than he loves us thus we are going for divorce right after my son is born....

  13. Hey Desiree,

    Asked, and also tested. Reason being is, Cordon Bleu mix with food taste better than mixing it with DOM. But of cos, they have the same kind of 'function', just that different people have different taste.

    As for me, i dislike DOM becos it tasted weird (sweet). And Cordon Bleu is more 'shun'. :)

  14. Hi sweetpotato83,

    I feel for you dear! You gotta be strong for the sake of your son! :)

    We woman can do it de!

  15. Can I know what convinced u to give ur hb a chance? Mine has been asking for a last chance but I have no confidence in him

  16. Hmm, for the sake of Raeann? I feel sad when i bring her out alone. It's like got daddy = no mummy, got mummy = no daddy and she has to choose one. I feel that it's unfair for her to go through all these.

    When i decided to get back to my hus, i'm actually taking a risk. At that point of time, i really 'ren ming' liao. So even if he was to hurt me again, i guess i wouldn't be so sad anymore. I've learnt how to take things easy now. :)

  17. I feel sad too when I see other happy families n I feel that 我很对不起my son for being unable to give him a complete family so I'm in a dilemma right now. N time is running short coz my lawyer is going to serve him the papers soon.

  18. Well, since you feel for your son, why not TRY it for one last time, at least you won't feel sorry for your son if it really doesn't work out? Who knows your hubby really change for the better?

    But still, the decision is up to u, do not listen to any outsiders', as you are the one who is going to go through everything!


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