Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crucial Night

Managed to 'tahan' through another day, it will be 18th after 12am, exactly 10 days before the actual EDD. I've a feeling... that it will be tonight, becos Raeann also came out 10 days before her actual EDD, alot of friends told me it will likely be the same! Aiyo! I hope to 'tahan' until 21st leh! Can i?

Everyone, yes, literally alot of people are so anxious, calling or messaging my mum, aunt, mil, me & ZY every now and then to check if i've delivered. Even my office's canteen stalls' owners & "clear table" aunty are all so concern as well. I didn't have to make any announcement, people just noticed that i'm not around and they will ask. This is then termed a nice person!

P/S : It's only a fine line between a nice person & an attention seeker.

Heehee, my hubby and daughter are laughing so loudly becos they're watching 大世界 now.

Gonna join them already, blog again soon~

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