Saturday, September 10, 2011


Time flies, it's Saturday already, one week school holiday passes just lidat, Raeann's birthday home party is today!!! Went to 24 hours Fairprice last night and bought $250 worth of food and that's just round one, ZY's buying the 2nd round today! And guess what? We didn't invite anyone, the food are only for family members. I think we're mad? LOL


Wake up early in the morning to pump balloons! I didn't know pumping balloons is that tedious! OMG!


She said she wanna decorates her balloons! SO UGLY! =X

I feel happy becos my precious1 is so happy today. But on the other hand, i'm scare cos i'm not prepared to go into labour yet, not ready to accept those nightmares, why must time passes so fast? :(

Nightmare #1) Labour & Pain
Nightmare #2) Recovery
Nightmare #3) Confinement
Nightmare #4) Looking after baby
Nightmare #5) SLIMMING DOWN (the hardest)

Scary man! Can i do it, again? *fingers crossed*

Ok lah, gotta go help out with the food preparations now!


  1. I was laughing out this & can feel the tone of yours:
    " She said she wanna decorates her balloons! SO UGLY! =X "

    Hey, we r behind u here to help u jia you. Already in this state & soon to deliver liao, u muz over come. Next time my turn(1st preggie) u muz help & duo duo zhi jiao mi..

    Anything can tweet mi for help yeah...

  2. Hi Joanne,
    where is the 24 hrs fairprice in singapore?

  3. Hmm, i went to the one at Jurong Point. :)


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