Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby Raechelle 2nd day on earth!

Omg, my whole body is aching, badly, can't sleep well at all here, I wanna go home!!! I miss Raeann so much, glad to hear that she's very happy staying with my aunty now.

Guess I should be the most energetic mummy around. Instead of bed rest, i keep walking here & there to see my precious2, even though my cb is still in pain! I hope the stitch won't tear, lol!

Today, baby Rui Xuan is so hungry, everytime I push her back, she cry for food. Fatty girl she is, think she's the biggest in size among all in there now.

I'm counting down till tomorrow morning to be discharged. Can't wait!

P/S : Don't know what happen today, all the nurses that came all said I look very fair & my complexion very good. Only today!!! (I didn't wash my face leh)

P/P/S : I'm very sick of confinement food liao. One month to go... :(


  1. She is really big on siZe! U rest well, dun walk too much ..

  2. piangZ, she also got Raeann feeling = Bobo.. once glance she got a YoU feel. So I guess SHE'LL look more like you when she is 1mth.

  3. Huishan, lol, already walk alot sia. The more i walk, the less pain i feel. :)

  4. Joice,

    In some angles, she does resembles Raeann lor, like photocopied one. LOL! Same factory mah, should look the same de!


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