Friday, September 16, 2011

Mixed feeling!

After the check-up today, i felt so confused throughout the whole day...

Happy, becos my baby's growing well and good, at a horrible 3.7+kgs now. I've gained 800g since last week and my baby absorbed 700+g out of it. Dr Tho got a big shock and double checked it for me. And he touched my tummy, it's solid hard. My baby is huge, that's for sure. Even if there's a plus minus difference, i can confirm that this one is definately heavier than Raeann!

He wanted me to admit and induce today becos he said if the baby exceed 4kgs, might have to do c-sect, which he doesn't wish to do it for me. But then, i'm already dilated 1-2cm, which means, i'll give birth within these 2 days, which he hopes so. But i wish i can tahan till as long as i can!

Emo, becos it means i gotta be seperated from Raeann for some time!!! *sob* I actually teared inside the car when i thought of this during the noon! :( Becos we're so attached to each other, she's the one sleeping beside me almost everyday for the past 4 years, i wonder how to take it when i can't see her for a month plus? That's probably the reason why i didn't want baby to come out so soon.

There are alot differences between my two pregnancies (biggest diff is the shape of my tummy; one round, one sharp). Of cos, this 2nd one, the time passed faster and i'm more cheerful & optimistic. I didn't cry like the first time, me & ZY seldom have arguements this time round too, which explains why i'm about 3kgs heavier than my first pregnancy (gosh, pls let me slim down easily after this)? Other than this, i can't think of any reason with regard to my rapid weight gain liao. Or, the weighing machine could be faulty? LOL

And i remember so vividly that i was anxiously anticipating for Raeann to come out during the 'waiting period', asking her when will she be out everyday. But this one, everyday "i hope i don't give birth today". Honestly, i've been asking my baby not to come out so soon! I think i'm crazy. Cos it's actually very torturing at this moment, it would be a relieve if i could give birth asap, but i didn't want to! Weird me!

Whatever it is, i pray for a smooth, fast & easy delivery (that's what Tricia taught me, lol)!!! And i can get everything over and done with asap, be it the labour pain, recovery, confinement, etc etc!


  1. Why can't see raeann? She will visit her sis at hospital and during your confinement mah. U can always call her to chat with her right gal.

  2. Hmm, Raeann isn't allow to go hospital at all. And my confinement will be done at CCK, if she goes there, there's no one to look after her as she still needs to attend school.

    The only way to communicate is by phone only lor. So sad!

  3. Y raeann cant go to the hospital to visit u? She can go see u during weekends?

  4. Dun think so much. :) one month will pass very fast.. U have to take good rest during ur confinement. Raeann will be a good girl. :)


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