Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My pretty meimei!

Here i'm trying every possible means to slim down, there she is worrying that i didn't get enough tonic, asking aunty to cook this cook that for me. My mum called me in the noon, said she's bringing a bottle of Cordon Bleu here to ask aunty boil it with black chicken for me. Wah seh, this is ultra 'bor', i wonder how i slim down lidat? Xiaoshan will definately love it, shall ask her here to share the love with me. LOL

P/S : Btw, aunty's cooking is delicious! How to resist?!

Own mum is the BEST! Agree?

How my mum loves me = how i will love my own kids. How i treat my mum = how my kids will treat me in future. This is all in a cycle, calls Karma. I strongly believe in that!

Just woke up from nap becos i slept late last night but wake up damn early today, to pump. Breast engorgement is no fun, pain until i can't sleep. No wonder they said breast feeding is the best way to slim down. Pump and pump and pump, until sleep deprived, as good as taking care of baby. Gonna go pump again after blogging! LOL

Okay, some pics of meimei before i go...


Meimei has all the features that i always desired!


Is that called a dimple?


Love her eyes!


My sweet Raechelle!

Everyone is saying that she's much prettier than Raeann at birth. Yes, i agree, Raeann wasn't born a pretty baby, even till now, she doesn't belongs to the 'pretty' category. But both are my kids, i don't wanna compare them cos both are the apples of my eyes, no matter how they looks like.

Then this Raeann very funny, she told me last week, "每个人讲我比妹妹美 leh". LOL

ZY told me last night that he actually missed Raeann alot. I asked him why? Cos he doesn't used to stay with us, we only meet once a week. He said it's cos during the waiting period (maybe about 1 mth), he came to stay with us and so, he's used to Raeann sleeping by his side liao.

In fact, we're still very unfamiliar with meimei, need time to get used to her. Alright, i need to remember that we're a family of 4 now! :)


  1. she has got a very sweet look! Jiayou to slim down~

  2. Piglet : blog hopping and read your blog. Most important is to take care of your health & get back in gd health is most important. Slimming can do later :p Your gal is beautiful

  3. Hehe she is so cute lor:) when I see u having babies I feel like giving birth also... Hahahaha!

  4. u nv tied mei2 hand in the niao bu? I head fr old parents tt hand muz tied tgt inside the niao bu, so that next time she won be sucha itchy hand.

  5. Nah, that's not a dimple! Its part of the smile line.

  6. Hi Peggy,

    Thanks ya! Hope she will be more girly type so i can doll her up. Heehee

    And yes, i'll try my best to slim down!!! Thank u!

  7. Piglet,

    Hanor, that's what my mum told me, she asked me to slim down after 40 days. But my massage aunty keep encouraging me to start now. Haiz!!!

  8. Desiree,

    Waiting for your "good news" soon k! Heehee

  9. Joice,

    Got tie, but she keep struggling it out. Raeann's hand very itchy, becos last time we didn't tie for her. LOL


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