Sunday, September 11, 2011

Raeann is 4 (pre-celebration) - Thank you message! =D

The party has come to an end! Thank you to those who attended, you guys made my girl so happy today, your presences made a great difference! And not forgetting those gifts & angbaos, thank you so much! We really appreciate it! =D Sorry if i didn't play a good host! I wasn't as shag as ZY becos he's the one doing the BBQ but i was damn hot & stuffy!!!

(ZY said there are lots of left-over cos we bought about $400 worth of food! LOL)

***HAHAHA! Raeann deleted some very expensive builts from ZY's Pet Hotel and he's kpkb-ing right now. He asked her to delete mine too. LOL



The most worth & satisfying purchase! It's quite yummy (the guests said so)!

$32 for 1 KG, additional $2 for durian filling!!!

I'm kinda surprise cos i thought the 'head' area are all made of cream. But hell no! The cream is very thin layer only, the cake is the shape of a Smurf head. Gosh, they're good! So worth it lor! Everyone got shocked when i tell them the price! Shared the contact with them too! (Sometimes i think i'm sucha genius! LOL #selfpraise) ***Thank you bro for helping me to collect!


She's really very happy today, caught a video of her laughing & laughing away when they sang her a birthday song! :)


The forever sweet & cutie pie, Ashlyn.

Getting prettier as she gets older! She's damn petite & gentle, love her so much lor!


  1. Happy birthday, Raeann! :)

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  3. Hi Happy Queen,

    Will email you shortly. :)

  4. Hi Joanne,

    Mind sharing the contact of the bakery with me? Please email me to

  5. Hi Joanne,

    Mind sharing the cake shop w me at

    thank you

  6. Hi there, can u kindly share the contact for the durian cake shop with me?

    Thanks in advance.!!

  7. Hi Joanne

    Kindly share the cake baker contact with me at

    Thanks in advance :)

  8. Hi people,

    Emailed you all. Please check ok! ;)

  9. wowo... I also wan to know the cake baker lei..Thanks.

  10. Hello! Can i have the details of the bakery too? Thanks!



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