Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Still waiting...

Eh, hi everyone!

Nope, i haven give birth yet, still waiting for baby to knock! Meanwhile, i'm enjoying my life now, spending ample time with ZY & Raeann, so enjoy till i don't wish to go into labour yet, although carrying this huge tummy around is sucha hindrance. HEAVY LEH! (Baby should be 3++ kgs by now, tomorrow going to gynae again.)

But seriously, i couldn't care less man. I go out almost everyday with ZY, from morning till evening, i also didn't bother about when will the contraction pain comes. LOL

Everyday, we've been receiving calls, asking if i've given birth already, hahahaha. Why is everyone so anxious when i'm not? I'm not in the hurry to give birth yet, let me enjoy while it last! As i know, after baby's out, i'm gonna go through hell again! :(

Okay lah, gonna go to bed now, both of them snoring so loudly now, make me sleepy liao! Hahaha

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