Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Soon! Soon!!!

Overheard my gynae telling ZY just now...

Dr Tho : She's still gaining weight very fast hor?

ZY : Haha, but she didn't eat alot leh!

Dr Tho : Maybe she absorbed her weight from the air!

Is this what SS meant by "连呼吸都会肥"?

I said so, i really didn't eat alot for this pregnancy (as compared to my previous), only ate durian once & have not touch any mooncakes yet. I ate at the most 3 meals everyday (tot it's normal?), no supper, BUT WHY AM I STILL GAINING & GAINING WEIGHT??? This is irritating max!

*I'm still below 70kgs though!

Anyway, Dr. has already given me all the necessary letters, baby will be out ANYTIME SOON. He estimated, Raeann came out at 38 weeks, this one will most likely be the same too. If you've read about Raeann's birth story, the date when i visited gynae & everything are about the same. LOL! 4 years ago, on this very day, i was asked to get ready for birth, same goes for this one too. Heehee! Going to pack my bag tonight liao, preparing to welcome my 2nd bundle of joy to this world!


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