Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Painful Lesson

No matter how many times i say 'sorry' to meimei, how apologetic i feel, how much tears i shed, i can't bring that thing back to me again. It's all too late!

I was completely lost when i realised i had lost something so precious, so dear to me last night. My mind went totally blank! I felt so upset for the whole night + guilty as well.

I lost my darling Raechelle's navel/umbilical cord drop-out, or whatever you called that. I put it inside one very common angbao and i mixed it up with others. I threw it away cos i thought it's one of the empty angbao! And after reading back my blog, i realised it was already lost since last Thursday (20th Oct 2011)... It took me a week to realise it's not there anymore! :(

Feel so heartpain, i think it's more painful than losing money or other material stuffs. This is something so priceless and no amount of money can bring it back to me anymore. I know, to some people, i may sound so ridiculous becos some people don't keep that. But to me (and some others), i want to keep everything that belong to my two babies.

I was super upset becos my MIL said by putting Raeann & Raechelle's navels together, they will be very close. Wonder if anyone heard of this? I've always been wishing for my two girls to be close to each other.

I cried becos i know it's all my fault, this can be prevented if i'm more careful. But i really have no idea why am i so careless this time round? Cos usually this type of important thing, i'll always put it aside, make a marking or whatever. And those used angbaos, i've the habit of keeping it for a year before dumping it away. But i don't know why, i just threw away everything blindly. :(

Furthermore, (can someone kill me pls?) i took pics of everything under the sun except that navel. I DON'T KNOW WHY, REALLY. Was it all fated? That i'm so careless this time? And i keep no memories of that navel?


It's sucha painful lesson. I promised that from today onwards, i'll check everything before throwing it away.

Dear God, please keep both my kids safe and healthy, that's all i'm asking for!



Pls prove me wrong, that without putting the navels together, they will be very close too!


Holding her milk bottle @ 1 mth 6 days old, not enough strength though, hold awhile only!


Love my two darlings forever!

P/S : Although it's so tired looking after Raechelle now, i slept for barely 3 hours everyday for the past one week, but i'm enjoying every single moment of it! :)


  1. Don't b upset. I believe without the 2 navels being put together, Raeann & Raechelle will be very close and loving! Raeann will love Raechelle very much and Raechelle will Raeann very much too!

  2. Eh my mum also put my navel with my bro leh... But we still fight LOL!!! So not true one la.. It depends on how u teach ur girls to respect each other:)

    Mei mei is super cute wor:) hehe!

  3. Desiree,

    Siblings who fight are closer, if you realised. :)

    Thanks alot!

  4. It's so sweet to see you are enjoying every single moment of it, even with little slp! Jiayou!!!


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