Friday, October 28, 2011

Raechelle's 101 Expressions

Hahaha, my 3rd post today! No choice, i've plenty of things to blog about but no time! Now that meimei is sleeping, i'll chiong all my post at once!

Everyday, my life's a routine, attending to my two kids only...

Morning - bathe for meimei.
Afternoon - accompany meimei if she didn't sleep.
Evening - clean up for meimei.
Night - put meimei to my parents and accompany Raeann (if she didn't sleep)
Late Night - feed meimei before i sleep.

Not forgetting the every 2-3 hours feeding, and i wake up every midnight about 2-3 times to feed her too! No time to even have a proper sleep sia! I wonder how long i can last!


After morning bath, she smells great! Love her baby scent so much!


Yes baby, mummy loves u too!


I'm training her to camwhore! :)


  1. she is getting to look more like u..

    But hor no offense, if ppl dono, she kinda look a little like guy.

  2. Anyway, now still got sell this kind of 'niao pu' ??

    Cuz i was wondering if i gave birth liao, where the hell can i find those nappy..


  3. Look like me mah? Some said look like me, some said look like ZY, i also don't know look like who, maybe mixture ba.

    Yes, 'niao pu' is still available, i bought it at OG. :)


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