Saturday, October 22, 2011

Teach me how to slim down?

It's so difficult to slim down now (as my age increase). Feel so sad when i see my macho arms, thunder thighs & bucket waist. And everyday, there bounds to be someone reminding me that i've putted on weight. Sigh

I'll treat it as a motivation though, I WILL SLIM DOWN.

Holding a buffet for my relatives later, i think i will hear them saying "wah, u really put on alot of weight" or something similar. Sad!

Slept less than 10 hours for the past 2 nights, so tired. Many times during night feed, i fed with my eyes closed. 真的很累! And my husband didn't know that i did woke up and fed meimei, becos 1) meimei seldom cry, she will only call out for us, which is too soft to make him awake, 2) he always sleep like a corpse. Period!

When i'm tired, i eat lesser. However, my weight did not go down at all. WHY HAR? Stupid fats, when are you going away? You're damn irritating, u know?!

No clothes to wear later, fucking sian.


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