Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sweet lil' Raechelle


@ 2 months 9 days old!

P/S : She's wearing a size 2T HP dress!

Monday, November 28, 2011


You Are the Apple of My Eye! 真的很好看!!!

Please go and watch if you haven!

Been super long since i watched sucha nice movie, i stayed focus on the movie all the way, without touching my hp at all.

The male lead is very 耐看. At first see, average looking only. Then 看看看, 越看越帅. It's better to be 耐看 than to be very good looking at first look.

Even their songs also very nice! 2 thumbs up for this fantastic movie!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hail, Alma mater Rulang School!

I'm so proud to be an ex student of RULANG!

Hail, Alma mater Rulang School
May you stand like an evergreen
To spread culture and develop talent
To teach the ways of scholars
And make us see
The importance of respect for others
The toil and sweat of our fathers
We'll never forget
The advice of friends and teachers
We're sure to remember
With you we march forward courageously
With time
We progress zealously.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My lil' Dancing Queen

Today's Style


Dancing Queen romper from Cheryl (too)!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Change of private blog address!

Hey all, my private blog address has been changed to...

HAHAHA! Like super long but it's okay, easier to remember this way. It will still remain locked so as usual, only invited people can access to it!

P/S : Those who i've authorized/invited before, you can still access to this new blog address! :)

I'll be updating all my personal stuffs over there, and this blog is mainly for all the 'good stuffs', adverts & reviews only, since people dislike me to be honest & direct, well.

Everyday do fashion show...

HAHAHA! Poor Raechelle! She has to try a new outfit almost everyday, all becos of her very vain mummy. No choice, baby girls clothings are so pretty till i wanted to buy everything for her leh. I'm really fated to have baby girls, cos i'm too vain, i love baby girls!!!

It's so fun to dress her up now, cos she will wear everything i want her to wear without any complains. Unlike her sister, whom is always pissing me off with her weird tom boy fashion sense.


This lil' cute leopard print dress is from Cheryl.


It's for 6 months old by the way. Pretty not?! Heehee


Her lovely smile with her lil' dimple!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Raechelle is 2 months old today!


Smelling good, just done with her morning bath... She loves to bathe leh!!! (Who doesn't? LOL)



She prefers her hand than pacifier!



Happy 2 months, meimei! =D

P/S : These pics are taken yesterday!

P/P/S : Oh btw, Aunty's back to her home from Cameroon already!!! She called me on Friday! Told her i'm very sad to lose meimei's tor zai, sigh! There was no reception on her phone when she's at Cameroon. She said she tried calling me many times from there but can't get through. I tried calling her too, but her hp was off.

To those who wanna engage her as your C.L, u can contact her now!!!

Anyway, she said that one of my 'friend' (reader i think) called and wanna engage her as C.L during Feb 2012, who ah?? Can that person leave me a msg here or email me? Thank you! =)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cannot stop spending!!!

Did i mention that i spent $600 within a week on online shopping? Yeap, i did and i received 4-5 parcels everyday, lol! I thought it was due to me staying at home for too long, itchy hands can't stop clicking. But hell no! I finally dragged my feet out yesterday, to town, and the spendings got even more fatal...


My shopping mood is here and i doubt it will stop until i'm broke (1/2 there now). I'm really enjoying my life now, even though i'm soooooooooooooooo tired everyday. Retail therapy really helps in perking up mood! :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Envy VS Compare

Learnt about something few days ago and i realised, some people are damn scary.

On the surface, they pretend to like you, call you dear, ask you out & etc but deep inside their heart, they actually hate you. They backstabbed you to their friends & made up stories about you. Just becos they are jealous? They just wanna win everything and everyone.

Seriously, why always wanna compare? Does comparing makes one life better? Envying someone is different.

When you envy someone, you wish that you can have it too but you bear no evil thoughts, and you will not backstab that person.

As for compare, you just wanna win in everything. For examples; A bought a bag, B immediately went to get something even more expensive the next day. Or, A mentioned she likes something, B went to get it first secretly. All in all, B just wanna win A in everything she has/do. Full stop.

In life, you just can't please everyone. Even if you're super nice, some jealous people will find their ways and means to attack you & bring you down whenever they can.

I'm not a nice person, but at least i don't have any evil thoughts or plans to harm anyone. I'm only short tempered and flare up easily whenever i'm being provoked. Otherwise, i really bo chup about anything or anyone else. Becos i only care for those i need to care, love those who love me; my family.

Really can't understand how some people can be so fake. Why pretend to be VERY NICE to someone you hate?! Or why must backstab your own friends? Does it makes you a better person?

P/S : If you dislike me, don't have to pretend to be friend or be nice to me ok? We can just remain as stranger, i don't mind.

First clothes from Daddy!


Five more days to 2 months old! :)

But she's fitting well in this 6-9 months Fisher-price romper with lil' skirt from her daddy.

Love u so much, my baobei meimei!

Sexy Look Hello Kitty Mask


Have you tried it yet?!


Thanks Karine for pampering me with them! :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby Raechelle's Smile

It's so difficult to capture Raechelle's smile. She can keep smiling and giggling but when i take out the camera, she refused to smile anymore and will only give me a blur look, like this...


The only way to capture her smile is to take the picture from the side, where she doesn't know the existence of the camera.



My heart melts completely whenever i see her smiles! I guess it applies to all the mummies in this world, your baby's smile is the cure to everything. With one smile, it proven that everything is worthwhile!

Alexis's 4th Birthday Party

Date : 12th Nov 2011
Venue : Kidz Amaze Safra Jurong

Brought Raeann to Peiyan's Alexis's 4th celebration at Kidz Amaza last Saturday. All i can say is, that place is really not bad, all the kids and adults had lotsa fun. Even shy, sweetie Ashlyn enjoyed herself too!


Raeann brought Ashlyn to get a balloon. Am glad she knows how to look out for Ashlyn!


Super chio birthday cake!



Happy Birthday cutie Alexis!

She's really very cute, even Raeann kept telling me "the birthday girl very cute hor". Thanks for the invite, Peiyan! :)





The difference between a lady-like girl and a tom boy!


Love this pic! Haha, they resembles me and XS! BFF!

You don't need to have alot of friends, 1 or 2 true ones will do! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A simple yet warming celebration!

Date : 9th Nov 2011

No grand party, no sumptuous dinner or drinking, just a normal meal and cake-cutting session with our family & kids. But we're happy! Cos we've a new member celebrating it with us this year! (I'm like saying till as if it's my birthday lidat, Haha! But i assumed ZY is happy lah!)

He said he don't want any cake but i told him Raeann loves cake, so he obliged. (It's a very last minute decision!) We also don't wanna leave meimei out, but she's too small and troublesome to bring out. Cos you see, ZY doesn't know how to handle a baby well and my Raeann stick to me like a leech (even worse than before), she doesn't want others at all, not even her dad. She told my mum that she scare i will run away and that's why she wanna stick to me. =,= I only got a pair of hands and legs, there's no way i can handle a baby & a kid by myself, unless Raeann cooperates.


Before going out...


Inside the car... Taken with 4S front camera & beautified it with an app!

We, just the two of us, went for our breakfast cum lunch cum dinner at Thai Express MS, which ZY requested. And both of us ate so much till he said he has got no more space on his stomach to breathe, so funny!


New on their menu! The curry taste weird, like got tom yum inside. =X


Some X'mas shopping aftermath~ Surprises for our kids!


Went to buy cake before going home, bought this for him, he choose it de! The seed looks like a real one!


I think it looks like a penis too! =X




First family photo with meimei! And this is the nicest of all liao.

Raeann accidentally bite on her lip, that's why her hand is inside her mouth cos she's complaining pain. It swelled into a big bump lor! She told my mum, "有一粒珠"! And she's not feeling well now. Poor girl!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr Ho!

It's the time of the year again...

Happy Birthday, Daddy Ho!!!

With love,
Mummy, Raeann & Raechelle


P/S : I've given you the BEST birthday present this year, which is our lil' meimei, so there's no need for anymore present right?!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A day @ Orchard!

Date : 5th November 2011

Today, we left meimei at home and went to town (feel so bad, but if we bring her along, we won't be able to buy anything at all). My motive is to get a birthday gift for ZY but end up, we both spent few hundreds to buy stuffs for our 2 kids and NOTHING for ourselves! =,=

We did went to some boutiques to search for the thing ZY wanted, but to no avail. It's either they don't have or can't fit. But i've decided to get him something from Prada, we will go again on Wednesday.

Time to shop for Ashlyn, XS & mum's birthday presents and some X'mas presents as well. We're holding a X'mas party cum Ashlyn's birthday this year at my place! Seriously can't wait, so excited!!!

Anyway, we had our breakfast & lunch at Mushroom Pot just now and there were some people fliming a certain food program, i'm guessing it's 永远吃不肥 (did i get it right?), not sure though. It's seem so fun to be on TV! Asked Raeann to do a recording also...

LOL! Super funny lah!

Then, we proceed to search for ZY's present, walked over to Taka...


Don't know what's she looking at, like father like daughter!


Beary tree!



Bought this Cinderella set for her, she's the one who said she wanted it, i hope she wears it and don't waste my money. But nvm, heehee, cos i've got meimei now, and can pass it to her!

Bought a few other items for her too, which i can't remember now. Her daddy bought her a pair of sport shoes and 2 sets of clothings for meimei.


I bought this for meimei, still too big for her though! And she doesn't like it, struggling to take it out!

Didn't spent time with her lidat since meimei is born, i admit i have neglected her and i think she felt left out too. She has been complaining that we don't love and dote on her anymore, we only give our attentions to meimei. She always do things to make us angry lor. Like we tell her nicely that she's not suppose to do that, then she will do it even more. See lah, i already know such thing will happen. SIGH BIG TIME!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3

IS A COCK SHOW! Don't ya think so?

Last night, i was given 'permission' to go out for a movie with SS on the terms of, 1) i must reach home early, 2) i need to pack supper for ZY. Okay, so i went out! Thank god Raeann fell asleep inside the car before reaching home, otherwise she sure won't let me go or wanna tag along! If she didn't sleep, i won't go out too. And thanks mummy for helping me to look after Raechelle! :)

You know the feeling of a man released from jail after 10 years? That's how i felt last night, i smell FREEDOM! Been ages since i last went out alone without ZY & the kids!

Well, that show is really cock, all SS's fault lah, she pestered me for the whole afternoon to watch this show with her. =.= We both suffered from motion sickness, feel like puking when we walked out from the cinema.

Anyway, SS has already got her iPhone 4S and i tested her camera...



These are from the front camera!

I'm still contemplating whether to get 4S or S2. I'm using Ace now, other than the typing very lag, i quite like all their other functions like, camera, able to tranfer pics and videos via bluetooth to com & etc. But the typing never fail to make me boil, it's super duper laggy. I always get fed up replying messages to friends.


And hey! I bought nail polishes last night! Love this crack effect so much! Wanna know what nail polishes i bought & how i do it? Check out my personal blog later!

P/S : Paiseh, haven clean away the surroundings!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011



It's so fun looking through all their pictures, spotting their differences.

So, who looks like who?! Other than the eyes, i think they look quite alike hor?

Still can't believe i'm already a mother of two. Raechelle is like a dream! From the day i knew i was pregnant to the day i delivered her, till now, everything is just like a dream to me. Unlike Raeann's, those pain that i've gone through seems so unfamiliar to me now. Is this what it's suppose to be? That's why some women are willing to go through it over and over again, even though it's not easy? But i still super hate pregnancy cos that's the time when i felt myself so clumsy and useless.

Anyway, here's a video of meimei before i end this post!

That's the way how she always 'call out' for us! :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Raechelle @ one month 12 days old!


Brought her to a baby doctor this morning. She has been doing merlion puke for the past few days, no signs of discomfort or crying at all, just puke and puke, most of the time after every feed. I was damn worried, probably (partyly) due to reading too much of child suffering recently. Especially babies, cannot play play.

Thank god she's fine, her weight is still growing well and good. Doctor said she has too much wind in her tummy that causes it, and might be becos she's not drinking enough. She drinks 120ml per feed every 2-3 hours (Sometimes more, but i don't dare to give her so much so often cos i tot her puking is due to drinking too much!), and doctor asked me to give her 150ml now. I just gave her 150ml and she finished all!

Anyway, did i mention before that meimei seldom cry? *touchwood* My parents said, they didn't see her cry or drop a single tear before. LOL! In fact, i only seen her cried thrice and drop ONE drop of tear once. Other than that, even when she's hungry or poo-ed, she will only call out for us! It's a blessing!


Hmm, i'm considered coping well becos i enjoys what i'm doing. Even though i'm so tired with so minimum amount of sleep, i didn't cry or feel like giving up for a single time. Of cos, thanks to my family members for helping me when i go out or etc. (My dad carrys her everyday and even helped me to feed her a few times! I don't know if he ever feed us before? LOL)