Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Envy VS Compare

Learnt about something few days ago and i realised, some people are damn scary.

On the surface, they pretend to like you, call you dear, ask you out & etc but deep inside their heart, they actually hate you. They backstabbed you to their friends & made up stories about you. Just becos they are jealous? They just wanna win everything and everyone.

Seriously, why always wanna compare? Does comparing makes one life better? Envying someone is different.

When you envy someone, you wish that you can have it too but you bear no evil thoughts, and you will not backstab that person.

As for compare, you just wanna win in everything. For examples; A bought a bag, B immediately went to get something even more expensive the next day. Or, A mentioned she likes something, B went to get it first secretly. All in all, B just wanna win A in everything she has/do. Full stop.

In life, you just can't please everyone. Even if you're super nice, some jealous people will find their ways and means to attack you & bring you down whenever they can.

I'm not a nice person, but at least i don't have any evil thoughts or plans to harm anyone. I'm only short tempered and flare up easily whenever i'm being provoked. Otherwise, i really bo chup about anything or anyone else. Becos i only care for those i need to care, love those who love me; my family.

Really can't understand how some people can be so fake. Why pretend to be VERY NICE to someone you hate?! Or why must backstab your own friends? Does it makes you a better person?

P/S : If you dislike me, don't have to pretend to be friend or be nice to me ok? We can just remain as stranger, i don't mind.

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