Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First clothes from Daddy!


Five more days to 2 months old! :)

But she's fitting well in this 6-9 months Fisher-price romper with lil' skirt from her daddy.

Love u so much, my baobei meimei!


  1. Ur bb gal is really very cute.. Am pregnant with my 2nd gal too,was happy as my gal wants a little MeiMei but don understand y when other knows am having another gal they will when huh? Again? Like crazy,we are not sad lo..Really don understand those ppl...gal r also so precious to us too.. Right?

  2. Hi Leen,

    I encountered the same issue too & was quite agitated at first. But after that, i ignored whatever people said.

    Kids are ours, what genders we want or like is our business, afterall we're the one raising & teaching them up. I asked them ma, "why? if boy, u wanna help me raise issit?"

    Moreover, its a blessing that we're able to expect & give birth already. What most important is, along the journey, our kids are safe & healthy.

    Don't bother about what others say. When u see your bb, the happiness are words that can't describe.

    Take gd care, enjoys your pregnancy & have a safe & smooth delivery. :)


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