Thursday, November 3, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3

IS A COCK SHOW! Don't ya think so?

Last night, i was given 'permission' to go out for a movie with SS on the terms of, 1) i must reach home early, 2) i need to pack supper for ZY. Okay, so i went out! Thank god Raeann fell asleep inside the car before reaching home, otherwise she sure won't let me go or wanna tag along! If she didn't sleep, i won't go out too. And thanks mummy for helping me to look after Raechelle! :)

You know the feeling of a man released from jail after 10 years? That's how i felt last night, i smell FREEDOM! Been ages since i last went out alone without ZY & the kids!

Well, that show is really cock, all SS's fault lah, she pestered me for the whole afternoon to watch this show with her. =.= We both suffered from motion sickness, feel like puking when we walked out from the cinema.

Anyway, SS has already got her iPhone 4S and i tested her camera...



These are from the front camera!

I'm still contemplating whether to get 4S or S2. I'm using Ace now, other than the typing very lag, i quite like all their other functions like, camera, able to tranfer pics and videos via bluetooth to com & etc. But the typing never fail to make me boil, it's super duper laggy. I always get fed up replying messages to friends.


And hey! I bought nail polishes last night! Love this crack effect so much! Wanna know what nail polishes i bought & how i do it? Check out my personal blog later!

P/S : Paiseh, haven clean away the surroundings!


  1. Hi Joanne

    U may wan to try SII....the photo taken really nice...I am using it currently...light also..then enough space u can add in additional card..what I like is cause using normal sim so I wont have issue go change card...I also using Iphone 4 but on multisim...

  2. Ya, the pic taken with Ace is also pretty, i always trust Samsung cam de. But hor, my ace the typing really sucks. It's very lag. Pekchek ttm leh.


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