Sunday, November 20, 2011

Raechelle is 2 months old today!


Smelling good, just done with her morning bath... She loves to bathe leh!!! (Who doesn't? LOL)



She prefers her hand than pacifier!



Happy 2 months, meimei! =D

P/S : These pics are taken yesterday!

P/P/S : Oh btw, Aunty's back to her home from Cameroon already!!! She called me on Friday! Told her i'm very sad to lose meimei's tor zai, sigh! There was no reception on her phone when she's at Cameroon. She said she tried calling me many times from there but can't get through. I tried calling her too, but her hp was off.

To those who wanna engage her as your C.L, u can contact her now!!!

Anyway, she said that one of my 'friend' (reader i think) called and wanna engage her as C.L during Feb 2012, who ah?? Can that person leave me a msg here or email me? Thank you! =)

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