Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Raechelle @ one month 12 days old!


Brought her to a baby doctor this morning. She has been doing merlion puke for the past few days, no signs of discomfort or crying at all, just puke and puke, most of the time after every feed. I was damn worried, probably (partyly) due to reading too much of child suffering recently. Especially babies, cannot play play.

Thank god she's fine, her weight is still growing well and good. Doctor said she has too much wind in her tummy that causes it, and might be becos she's not drinking enough. She drinks 120ml per feed every 2-3 hours (Sometimes more, but i don't dare to give her so much so often cos i tot her puking is due to drinking too much!), and doctor asked me to give her 150ml now. I just gave her 150ml and she finished all!

Anyway, did i mention before that meimei seldom cry? *touchwood* My parents said, they didn't see her cry or drop a single tear before. LOL! In fact, i only seen her cried thrice and drop ONE drop of tear once. Other than that, even when she's hungry or poo-ed, she will only call out for us! It's a blessing!


Hmm, i'm considered coping well becos i enjoys what i'm doing. Even though i'm so tired with so minimum amount of sleep, i didn't cry or feel like giving up for a single time. Of cos, thanks to my family members for helping me when i go out or etc. (My dad carrys her everyday and even helped me to feed her a few times! I don't know if he ever feed us before? LOL)


Thank you for reading my humble blog, will reply to you shortly.