Friday, December 30, 2011

10 years younger now!

All ready to welcome a brand new year with a new hairstyle!


A brand new me with slanted bang.

Some friends agreed that i look 10 years younger now, with the Sesame Street t-shirt, lol! No choice leh, now old liao then want to look younger. When young time, want to look more mature. That's how ironic life is. Just like when young time, wanted to work and earn money asap. Now that i'm working, i wish i can go back to schooling days.

You know, i cut/do hair hor, don't need to think wan. I just cut/do when i feel like doing/cutting, very impulsively. And if it turns out nice (most of the time), lucky for me. But if it turns out ugly, like some monster, i'll hide my face and forbid myself to take any pics. I KNOW WHERE I STAND. I won't deliberately take ALOT of pics & spam on FB to make a fool of myself. (I don't spam pics on FB anyway!)

I snipped off at least 3-4 inches of hair just now & i feel so light now!!! So shiok cos it's much easier to manage! Gonna dye during mid January!!!


  1. Nice!!! Where do u cut ur hair? I'm looking to change my hairstyle too...But can't find a good stylist...

  2. Is it ex? Care to share where's e salon?

  3. Hmm, should be reasonable ba, the price. Not sure what's the market rate now cos i didn't go and check. Salon at Taman Jurong.


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