Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 Steam Eggs

Okay, many people have asked me to share the recipes aunty taught me here. But i'm very sad, cos i lost it! :( I will share those i've tried and remembered.

Today, i'll be sharing a very simple & healthy dish with very simple ingredients but i am sure the kids will love it loads. =)

3 Steam Eggs

- 1 x Salted egg
- 1 x Century egg
- 2 x Normal eggs
- Half a small bowl of Mince Meat
- 1 teaspoon of Oil
- Half a small bowl of Water

• Peel and cut the salted/century eggs into small pieces.
• Beat & mix the normal eggs together with the mince meat.
• Add in oil.
• Add in water.
• Mix everything together on a 9” steel plate.
• Steam for 8-10 mins.



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