Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Ms Fake, Mrs Fake or whoever Fake are all around you! BEWARE!

Pretend to be nice to me? Pretend to be one of my blog reader to get access to my personal blog? Wish me Happy Birthday? And even Whatsapp me "passby to send you my regards"? (Becos she used to be my ex-customer of my online shop and thus, she got my number. But i didn't save her number.) So you're actually a spy? LOL

My FB have lotsa "same clan" stalkers. I can actually delete all of them away but well, i don't see them as a threat to me, so there's no need to. Just can't believe they can't stop being childish! Haha

I guess i'm straight forward enough liao. 井水不犯河水. Now that i've stopped, don't make me start again.

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