Monday, December 12, 2011

December Babies

December is all along my poorest month cos IT'S THE SEASON OF GIVING!!!!!! :) Besides those X'mas pressies i have to prepare, there are lots of birthdays this month too.

1st Dec - Chloe's
6th Dec - Jing's
9th Dec - Hamster's
10th Dec - Baby Qiqi's
17th Dec - XS's
25th Dec - X'mas princess Ashlyn's
27th Dec - Mum's

*Strike out means over already.

Now left with 3 VIPs and i've already prepared the gifts for two of them, the last one is on the way!! Usually, i'll always give angbaos for kids' birthday but becos I'M TOO FREE NOW, i've all the time to shop for presents.

This is for the X'mas princess. Yeap, she's no longer interested in Cars, Marie the Cat, Dora or Angry Bird. She's now into Mickey Mouse. And so, i've prepared a bag of Mickey/Minnie stuffs (bag, stationeries, hairband & hairclips) plus a jumbo X'mas Mickey for her!! I hope she will likes it!

And this is for my lovely mum!! She has been saying that she wanted to buy this but cos it's too ex? That's why she didn't buy? I bought the biggest one, i hope it really works miracle for her. LOL! I asked Cheryl for opinion cos i don't use all these de, i don't need it yet, my skin is still doing fine! :)

I'm really broke now, i spent SGD 1,437.96 on online shopping within 1 month (there's another card bill for shopping at malls)!!! And i'm still happily shopping now... How to stop har??!!

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