Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mummy!

Hope u'll like this gift i've prepared for u! :)

We're going out for dinner soon, at 7pm. I've prepared my two kids, myself & packed everything. Everytime when we wanna go out, i've to prepare about 2.5 - 3hrs before hand. One hour for two of them, 45mins for myself, 15mins to pack, and the rest is in case of cock up. Becos i don't like to be late and don't like people to wait for me, so i'm always early.

Wah lau, meimei is damn 夸张 now, she drinks 200ml every 2.5hrs. =,= Somemore hor, every meal, drink until clean clean one!

Then this Raeann, everyday watching MALAY cartoons on YouTube, she searched it herself, i wonder how she did it! -____________-"

Don't know why i've sucha weird daughter...


  1. Can she even understand Malay? -.-

  2. Haha, she knows how to speak malay becos most of her classmates are malay.


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